Trading query regarding amtekauto

I was holding amtek auto share and i sold today and want to purchase again same day its got rejected “blocked for BZ nsc_cm” “block for intraday trade”

Explained here

Would you understand my query mr @Bhuvan?

I said i didn’t do mis purchase i purchased in cnc

I selected delivery for stocks

Hope u understand now

Even if you buy and sell on the same day using CNC order type it still is an intraday trade. In India the delivery cycle is T+2 days. So you can only sell this stock after T+2 days.

AMTEK AUTO is a Z group share which means compulsorily delivery and no same day square off allowed…in fact many brokers do not even entertain dealing in Z group shares.

OK if you have sold delivery basis and want to purchase delivery basis IT IS POSSIBLE and broker should not restrict .

and please note that it there is no such rule that in T2T or Z group shares you can not do BTST …you can very well do but carry more risk than normal group BTST.


YES agree T ,XT ,X and XZ group shares are compulsorily delivery trades,no same day square off allowed but surely (1)there is absolutely no restriction on multiple trades by same client on same day when all sale and purchase results in delivery(2) there is no restrictions on BTST too if client wants to take additional risk as compare to shares in regular group shares.

typing error: T ,XT ,Z (NOT X) and XZ group shares …