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If I have a few shares in my holdings how can I sell them at at target price not at the LTP ? PLS EXPLAIN

You can place GTT Sell Order, once the GTT is triggered the order will be placed at the price you have specified.

You can learn more about GTT here.

For how long the GTT sell order is valid suppose I placed the GTT order today and the price isn’t triggered so what in that case? GTT orders can be used for the shares already there in my holdings?

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GTT Orders are valid for a period of one year from date of creation.


Suppose I have purchased 5000 shares at Rs 10 each and then after 20 mins I purchased 5000 shares @ Rs 10.05 each and I have create GTT sell order for 5000 shares trigger price being Rs11. Which of following shares will be sold the one purchased at 10 or the one purchased at 10.05 when trigger price is reached?

FIFO (First In First Out) method is followed when selling shares, so the shares which you bought earlier at Rs. 10 will be sold first.

What is the risk in ATST acquire today sell tomorrow order? Under CNC I can do that? I can apply GTT for this ATST order?

With ATST also known as BTST, general risk is Short Delivery as you will be selling shares which haven’t yet been delivered to your Demat account.

BTST is delivery trade and you will have to use CNC product type, not possible in MIS.

Yes you can use GTT.


Short delivery is different short selling?

I purchased few shares on Friday so can I sell them on Monday?

Yes, Short Selling is basically type of trade where you are trying to benefit from reduction in prices.

Short Delivery: When seller of the shares fails to deliver shares in time (In T+2 trading days) to the the buyer, then it is called as Short Delivery.

If BTST is possible in that scrip then you can sell. If it is settled on Trade-To-Trade basis then you won’t be able to, as these shares can only be sold after they are credited to your Demat account.

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If I had created GTT sell order for a particular share at some price can I exit before the price is reached?

Yes, you can exit before the price is reached, but make sure to cancel the GTT order, if it remains active, once triggered there will be fresh position created.

I need to cancel the GTT order before the price which I have set is reached ?

Can GTT order be modified

You can cancel the GTT order.

Yes, you can modify the GTT order.

I had set the limit order to buy the share the LTP was reached but still my shares were not purchased?

If price touched your limit price and moved up instantly then Limit Order won’t execute, the Buy Limit Order will execute at the price you have specified or lower. Can read this to know more.

I had placed a limit order today it is not executed so how to cancel it?

This can be canceled from Order Book.