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Hi, I want to trade from charts (place, modify, cancel from chart itself). Which software provides this type of functionality ?

There’s a quick trade panel on the popped out charts of Kite 3 from where you can place and manage your positions/orders.

Chech this for more.

Hi deepesh,

You should check out Interactive Brokers.

They are the best when it comes to trading directly from the charts. They have a whole feature set called “Chart Trader” with which you can just drag and drop the horizontal lines and order is immediately sent to exchange. I found this feature very unique among all the trading platforms available out there. I use this feature extensively for placing stop loss below the major support areas (when long and vice versa for short). It’s also helpful when you have a bracket order - you can simply drag and adjust the target and SL orders…very cool feature :grinning:

Also, they have “hot buttons” at the bottom of the chart for predefined order sizes. For ex, you can have a standard position size of 1lakh for each trade which you can map to a button, so when you press that button system will automatically calculate the number of shares (closest) to 1 lakh and place the order

Neha (

Here’s a quick screenshot


The IB platform looks quite counterintuitive at first look but I assume people get used to it

Yes, it’s feature rich but needs some time getting used to.


Looks Like Spaceship Control software.

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Thank you Neha, I will surely check it out.