Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web

This is noted.


There is no 2hour 4hour candle option. Please add 2&4 hour candles. This will be helpful for commodity trading.

In our list of things to add.


is the data issue noted as i have mentioned in my previous post?

Dont you think that is important to day traders.

I simply cannot believe such a callous and careless attitude towards such a glaring issue.

Please acknowledge this issue and do something about it.

chartiq or TV is not going to help day traders if data is all wrong.

I still have to use amibroker + GDFL for data.

What is the point of launching TV?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Firstly, it is not feasible for us to tie up with a data vendor and stream data on charts - both technically and in terms of costs.

Btw, the data stream should already be very similar. I had answered it before

If you take what data vendor provides and compare it to tick by tick data on colo, the TBT data captures all the ticks. And impossible technically to stream all ticks that happen on the exchange. You can’t then say what data vendor provides as data is wrong.

Btw, I have done this professionally for two decades, I know tons of profitable traders, many of them technical analysts. I can’t think of one person who cared/cares for all ticks to be captured on their charts. It doesn’t really matter. Stray ticks without volume actually is bad for the chart which is typically what will not get captured if not using Tick by Tick data feed.

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trading view charts within kite have less indicators please provide all the indicators which trading view provide


i am not able to use the tradingiq it shows message" a web page is slowing down you browser" what to do @siva @nithin. what may be the problem and what is solution

Can you check your network once, also how many tabs are open, how many charts are popped out.

chart refresh issues have been always there in chartiq earlier & now in TV…these are all tested products so wonder how it doesn’t work properly in your environment…is your data feed is not realtime? pls revert after fixing as this is a serious issue.

only one tab is open and no network problem. chartiq is running very well but not trading chart is poped out. this problem is from the starting of commencent of tradingview.

If zy9599 is your client ID, I can arrange a call and get it checked. If not please message me your client ID.

yes it is.kindly arrange

Thanks for introducing TV charts…

Not getting previous days closing price value & line on the charts, despite enabling it with desired color in the settings…

Kindly help

Yes, noted.Thanks.

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Hope You can resolve it soon…


Any solution on the crosshair issue for currency futures?
or any update on the cause of this issue?

I find TV to be helpful for monitoring multiple charts at a time. So, i have continued using it. But, this is one main issue that causes a lot of problems when i want to know the value to place SL or limit orders.

Hope this can be rectified soon.

Ya, in a day or two, it will be sorted. Thanks.

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How to get day separator on trading view?

I think it is not available on TV, let me check though.