Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


Can you refresh the page and check.


Refreshed. but not displaying, if I changed the setting to Trading View To ChartIQ The chart is Displaying, after in return to Chart IQ to Trading View Charts Not Displays


That should not happen, may be you can message me your ID, will get it checked tomorrow.


@siva @nithin
I had earlier reported this issue mentioned below. Its been sometime now but a basic function of saving chart template still does not seem to be working, request your attention and on this.

I am facing a issue - every time we open new chart - the template setting are not getting applied - if we use load chart template then the symbol is getting changed to the symbol on which we had originally saved the template - this should be getting some priority from your side.

Will be sorted in couple of days.


Templates will save only indicators and not symbols, may be you are applying layouts, can you check once.


what is the progress in saving theme sir.


Can you try saving theme in layout and apply it again.


sir, but every pop-out and returning to chart change to same old style format


Pop out a chart, apply theme and can start changing scrips on the same window for now, anyhow will check on what you are looking for but will take sometime.


will wait for this and multi-chart issue to be resolved


@siva crosshair issue. Showing wrong values


Yes, for currencies, should be fine for tomorrow.



why are mcx symbols opening at 9.00?

is mcx opening at 9.00 am these days?

do you see the extra 1 hour data from 9 am to 10 am. ?

do you still believe data is correct?


CHART IQ & TV Both Charts are freezing in the morning since long ago. Looks like zerodha server is not capable of handling morning traffic.


Mcx open at 9 only, this is the case since last few months, timings have changed.



my mistake then.

But when was the time revised.

I did not get any circular regarding this.

It has always been 10 am for years now.


Nothing like that, everything is fine from our end, we have upgraded our charting servers also recently, they can handle 10 times higher traffic than what we get now. You can create ticket here for any help.


From this year, we have notified all our clients, may be you have missed it.



No. I did not miss it. I have checked my emails even spam. No email regarding time change in mcx.

What was the subject and what was the id it was sent from?


Can check this bulliten, also can check this. We have also flashed message on kite multiple times about this change.