Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


they must think over your request, as it is from a million clients


Sir, Problems charting scaling issue/ chart sizing issue which I mailed and technical team comes to my laptop using team viewer???

I think not.

Another issue noted please solve it.

  1. Previous close and Avg line not working.
  2. Chart for Weekly Monthly not working.
  3. chart can’t be loaded without Adding first into watch list…


dear Siva /nitin,
Zerodha is no 1 broker ,but in TV charts why you are not providing full version Of TV, because you r no.1, see FYERS Broker is providing BUY and SELL from chart they recently added corporate action in chats and providing all others in the TV platform itself , they are providing to clients full version of TV ,
They Provide real alert to email Etc I love it , why zerodha not
This is the time you want to replace the normal platform to TV like full Platform , you are mixing your’s and TV
Don’'t Mix Your platform and TV Platform , Bring TV platform only then OK , for traders mixing is not usefull, TV is build for traders , So bring TV full Version if you dont know , Please see FYERS broker Platform


Will be sorted soon.

This will stay this way only.


We may not provide trading version of TV.
Also one can get alerts on mail and on trading platform by using sentinel, can check about sentinel here.


moving to FYERS now for sure…


Really charts from Trading view or u guys just designed layouts looks like Trading view… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Please don’t come back


why bro…he have rights to ask…He pay charges less or high…
If he said I will refer zerodha to thousand peoples means that time what u will say…“same dialogue”…


@shiva yaar please do tell when the issues of pi will be resolved. The recent update has even removed the pivot feature. Why?


Really need our saved layout to load automatically instead of loading it manually on each page refresh. Also drawings are getting deleted randomly even after saving them as a layout. Please fix this

Also will there be online sync of drawing on tv charts instead of storing them locally @siva


@siva Loading our saved layout issue isn’t just limited to refreshing the page. Even if we go to our order page or the dashboard the layour resets to default & we have to load it again. This is very irritating.


I am not able to load weekly charts …
Please guide


Should be fine from tuesday.


For now you can popout and keep one, we are checking with TV, as it is like that it may take sometime.


Due to some changes to our charting solution it was removed for now, will be added in coming weeks, but if you notice now it will have pin login similar to kite, can be logged in 24/7, all the buy avgs will be reflecting now.


@siva don’t you take leave? I can see you post on weekends as well.


Link to download pi updates ?


Trading View Chart is Not Displaying when I changed from ChartIQ To Trading View On Kite


Bro click on the help icon on top, there is an “check for update” option, click it and you can update your pi.