Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web

Checking on this.

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Yes, Need To Select Chart layout every time.

Nice To have TV Chart. Good Job Guys.

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Default will take care of it, no need to add template every time, checking on that.

Finally but pls bring it on mobile asap and during travel time I analyse it on mobile to make use of my time

Not sure if there is some issue in my browser but I have to manually refresh in order to get real time data on TV charts, it’s not being updated automatically @siva

its for everyone. gone back to chartiq will be bacjk once they resolve everthing

The value is changing on the watchlist and the tab title, but the charts seemed to have frozen

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Looks good now, its working now for me

Can you refresh once.

It’s working fine now, thanks

@siva @nithin please tell me …how to apply ema on rsi in trading view.

@siva @nithin tv charts are not working in MCX

It still doesn’t seem to work as expected. Sometimes the price is not refreshed properly on the chart.
And sometimes (like in screenshot below), the price is shown properly on the chart, but there is no candle formation.
It was 9:47 when i took the screenshot, and there should have been a 4th candle formed at 9:45, but it is not till now.

Indicator on Indicator is a complex process and most likely wont be supported.

Should not happen that way, so you have kept TV only in profile right? Also scrip should be available on market watch, can you keep it open for some more time and confirm me , please.

@nithin @siva 100DEMA & 200DEMA doesn’t show accurate calculations. To get accurate calculations for higher EMAs, everytime we will have to zoom out a lot. please solve this problem.


Yes to both.

Also, i have kept that tab open and it hasn’t formed a candle even now at 10:00 AM. I faced the same issue at 9:30 AM. The third candle had formed only after manual refresh.

On another tab, when i refresh one of the charts manually, then the candle is formed. I have attached both screenshots below, Hope this helps.

Trading view candle not formed:

After manual refresh:

i am also facing candle refreshing issue

Thanks, give me sometime.

real time values not getting updated.
need to do manual refresh