Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


getting real feed now. but seems there is a lag…


Can you share screenshot, I din’t notice anything wrong here.


See in below chart 200DEMA is arount 274 when zoomed in and also see the 200DEMA line-its not complete.

Now See the below chart when we zoom out the 200DEMA is around 280 and the 200DEMA line is extended but still not complete.

please solve this problem.


working great. Thanks.
some of the indicators like time series forecast indicator (just an example) not available. will it be made available in future


Can you check now.


Sure, i have manually refreshed one of the tabs now. Will check at 11:00 AM if new candle is formed and update.


Finally! Thank you!:slight_smile:



It seems to be working fine now. The new candles are being formed.
Thanks for the quick response.

Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


There is no new candle formed after I change the time frame unless I refresh the page. I am using Safari, Is there something with the browser I have to enable to make it live.



if we clear browsing data from browser , saved chart layouts are missing



I am not sure if this is an issue on my end or a problem with the chart. Just needed a clarification.
The values on the scale corresponding to the crosshair doesn’t seem to be showing the right values.

I made a small loss now because of this. Just took it for granted that the value as per the crosshair was right and placed SL there. But, in fact the price shown there was not right and my SL was hit.

The value shown here corresponding with the crosshair is 92.000, when actually that price is around 92.200

I have attached the screenshot below and highlighted the concern in blue.


Also, there still seems to be a problem with the candle formation. Facing the issue again.
I tried clearing the cache and restarting my browser. But hasn’t helped.


Can you check on other browser, checking on safari.


Seems fine from our end, are you using safari browser?


Layouts are saved locally on one’s own system. So, this will happen.


No, i am using Chrome. Please check below screenshot. The Last candle formed was at 11:30, nothing after that.

Also, could you please check this in case missed - crosshair issue

Candle formation issue:


Working fine on Chrome, I guess TV charts having an issue with Safari only. Please look into this :slight_smile:


Can go to settings and can change background color accordingly.


This is correct only, cross hair won’t show LTP, it will display that price where it is pointed.


May be issue from your end, can you write to me @, will get it checked.