Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


Coming Soon.

@nithin @siva @Bhuvanesh Is this really true? Who is Zerodha Social?
And isn’t the existing Stochastic supposed to be Stochastic RSI itself?


Yes, in another 3 weeks we will release TV charts.


Nice!!!One more value add to zerodha’s list…


Awwwww… This is getting more exiting now… :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:
Thank you so much for fulfilling client’s request consistently.

I hope to see major updates to PI as well.


Wooooowwww!! Considering trading view is itself paid, would it be offered for free in Kite? Would it be supported in Pi too?


Other brokers like Fyers are giving it for Free, So most likely YES.

Pi charting is a separate platform, you will have to access the web-based TV charts from Kite.


That is before 31st DEC 2018. If looking at past data (promises) to predict the future, I am sure this is not going to happen in 3 weeks time. Take it as a challenge and prove me wrong. Best of Luck.


We want to release beta version in 3 weeks, may be this can extend by another week or two for any genuine reason.


What does exactly that mean? I’m hearing this term for the first time and couldn’t get enough information on net. Could you please explain it :smiley:


TV - TradingView


Are we planning to facilitate users to make custom coded charts using PineScript or just something similar to the generic TradingView’s platform API already freely available in


Why zerodha copy others,it’s perfect on its way simple and ez, take advantage of tradingview by subscribing to it.:grin:


@siva I wonder why Zerodha PI is not getting an update. Is it because Zerodha thinks, it is perfect.
Last update was on 17/7/2017. Too late!

I was told by the support team that an update is coming in 2 weeks. This was 2 months ago. :grinning:


Soon this should happen.


Pinescript is not available as TV is ready to give it out along with charting library.


I heartedly appreciate this move taken by Zerodha, IMHO, you are taking steps that no other traditional broker even think of. Then why not finish it once for all.

Pinescript (or access to the Library) is provided by good US, European, Australian Brokers.

Interactive Brokers (IB) is already giving free Data Plugin to Amibroker and free API.

So basically anyone with our Western-counterpart Brokers can custom built their own strategies using AFL, Pinescript, etc. but being with any of the Indian Broker we are deprived of this. One has to separately pay for data, and often the data cost is huge (for a miniature trader like me) if one plans to trade multiple market segments - at times even not available.

Why not Zerodha - The face of Indian Retail Brokering?

You see I have high hopes for Zerodha. That’s all :grinning:


Stochastic or Stochastication (a.k.a. Stochastic Process) is a core mathematical method used to anticipate or predict probable direction of randomly collected data samples applied in different fields.

George Lane incorporated this Stochastic method into stock prices and created “Stochastic Oscillator” in order to predict direction of price movements. Read this article, if you are interested to understand the calculation and inner workings of Stochastic Oscillator.

Then using the same methodology or calculation process, Stochastic RSI was developed.

So, basically if we have any set of inter-related data points or data series but randomly generated, we can make our own Stochastic in order to form an Oscillator, like Stochastic CCI, Stochastic MACD (a.k.a. Schaff Trend Cycle), etc…

Once you are done with Stochastics, the next chapter is Fisher Transform, popularized by John F. Ehlers as Ehler Fisher Transform. BTW you can also have a Stochastics of Ehler Fisher Transform, too… :slight_smile:


It’s just the color of candles I see haa ,I can’t see any difference like a pro


What is Pinescript anyway? Is it like a Tradescript language in PI?


So the 14 period Stochastic in Kite is basically “14,3,3 Stochastic RSI”? Am I right?