Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


No… You did go through the links from my previous post, right?

Do not compare Tradescript with Pinescript! You can compare Pinescript to AFL. However, Pinescript is still very inferior to AFL. Anyways AFL will inevitably win compared to any other programming script or language used for coding charts or custom backtesting because of its sheer speed of Array processing in multi-threading infrastructure along with its user friendliness. Python/R are for Machine Learning and for next level of Analysis. But AFL is extremely competent too when compared to Python/R and, in recent years to come, probably there will be nothing left that you cannot do using AFL.


Don’t mind, I did not go through them :zipper_mouth_face:
I actually didn’t want to dive so deep.

So the answer for me is Pinescript is a programming language.


Please add options greeks in Chart esp… for Banknifty and Nifty


Option greeks are already available on kite, add any fno contract on market watch and click on 3 dots, it should give you below options, select option greeks which will take to you to our options platform.


Kite 3 mobile beta new update is coming soon… Just saw on YouTube… We are getting near…


Tradingview on zerodha. Finally! Can’t wait for it


sensibull is free till Dec 15 later we wont have this feature. Which is available with most of brokers. You guys should also integrate the same in ur mobile app, which is available in 5 paisa, upstox, edelweiss etc


Option chain is free, no need of subscription.


@siva any plans for “link to librecalc” ( libre office ) in kite ?
(just like “link to excel” feature in PI) Would be great addition for traders (using ubuntu /linux instead of windows / MS office)


Will check on this.


thanks Siva , its one of most important feature in Pi (not present in kite ) which stops me from uninstalling windows :slight_smile:


Integrating Tradingview chart with Kite will not help much. Sharekhan already have that but no use…

Instead Integrate Zerodha with Tradingview… So we can directly trade from Tradingview itself.


I think tradingview as a terminal is not good option, not much use apart from trading from chart option which we will be giving in coming days, but this will take more time.


HEY ,@siva @nithin are you adding custom intervals to kite just like TV Paid feature ?


We are not, can you tell me what intervals you will be looking for.


I think I am missing currently on kite is a 4hr chart.


This will be added along with 2 mins, 2 hour charts.


select 1month time frame in bottom of the chart and you’ll get 4h chart


That was interesting. Didn’t knew about it.

Date in kite chart

Sometimes I use charts with 8 stocks too. It works seamlessly with Tview but if you do with Zerodha and 4 charts; things will never update in correct time most of the cases and it will freeze sometimes.

I think may has experienced this.