Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


Their features are godly awesome

  1. You can create your own indicator.
  2. You can generate alert of that indicator’s given variables you define. (I wrote a tiny one to show me PDL PDH breaks)
  3. The alert is on the same page. UI wise it is too good where you have to do sentinel like another app in zerodha
  4. In the right you can also see the alert log.
  5. Also they have a screener feature which is very awesome scanning this and that.


BTW TV doesn’t give out the above mentioned features, only available with them, even not available for paid versions.


Yes. I am just telling.

I paid a whole of 29K from my pocket per year to get those features (Do remind you - It is after their huge 60% discount haha). :frowning:


Just use zerodha to punch orders bro ,so that u can take advantage of low brokerage,don’t overdo it to make zerodha a full service broker ,haha


Just wondering what you think Zerodha is lagging with respect to any other so called full time broker? apart from dedicated RM and giving tips to buy and sell ( personally I believe no one has ever made money in long term by just following those), we are ready to take any of your constructive feedback.


Don’t get angry on me. I am giving constructive comments.

  1. Stability - Some times things get frozen. Kite doesn’t work. Well, I am AP in half dozen brokers. Full time broker like IIFL was gone lights off in one BN expiry for two strong hours. But scalability is definitely someplace Zerodha needs to improve.

  2. GTC (I know it will be more trouble to manage as the broker has to execute the orders at dot 9:15. I can only fathom the pressure on the server.)

  3. Hot keys (When I trade in speedtrader I can set hot keys. Like if I am seeing Tata motors sell signal in 3m I will do CTRL+4, it will throw a CO order with 20 pt stop loss which is predefined by me.)

  4. Moving heatmap (I know sensibull is making one but why you should integrate it within platform - subject to discussion though - This is stellar!! )

I gave some suggestions in a tiny petition I made here though -

Again pardon my candy seeking nature.


please help me, my todays total loss with brokerage is 2104+600 rupees…but it has debited 4542 rupees in total.


Seems like you are a fan of heat maps :slightly_smiling_face:
Me too !
What kind of heatmaps do you think will be useful to the majority ?
MY Suggestions :
Price change in % ?
OI change in % ?
Volume surges of all FnO stocks in one heat map ?
RSI current level of all 200+ FnO stocks ?
Please suggest more…
Are these easily implementable with your current IT infrastructure @siva ?
BTW trade execute button on chart itself would be a great convenience. I wonder why you are taking so long to build it !


Price action trader. Just price change % is needed. Check the myfno example it is so perfect.


In our list of things to provide, will take time though.


How is the progress of TV @siva
Are we on track?


In coming two to three weeks we should be able to release beta version.


@siva are the TV charts going to be like fyers where whole of the kite website is going to be changed or are the TV charts going to replace the current chart area & the rest will remain the same?


Only charts are changed and we will give both chartiq and TV charts.


@siva will we be able to place orders from the chart + move the stop loss, etc., from the chart itself like on TV website?


Initially No, we will be adding that later.


then another mess is there. because tv is not only about charts, it is a complete trading package with drawings, tools, control over charts and other very advance tools which makes trading simple and advance… if you guys are implementing only charts then purpose will not be solved… but let’s see what happens at zerodha… they update themselves with advance system or do like all typical brokerage firm…


It will have everything related to charting, drawings, tools etc are part of charting only.


I opened a Fyers account as a backup to my Zerodha account. Their web platform is TV. Its a nightmare trading there.
I rather visit the Tradingview website and use their charts than use the whole TV trading platform.
What’s nice about it, @RKYADAV ?
Waiting to see how Zerodha integrates it too :popcorn:


i also have fyers account and no complaint about their trading platform. they are superb in this area. and no one can complaint about their trading platform. i don’t know why you faced problem while trading? you can complaint about their servers but not trading platform… TV charts are far superior and every one who used TV charts agrees on it.