Transaction Charges on COIN while buying/selling MF

@nithin @NithinKamath What are the transactional charges like Brokerage/STT/DP Charges/Exchange Transaction Charge by NSE,BSE/Stamp Duty/SEBI charge/Clearing Charge/GST…that will be levied while buying/selling MF units on COIN in addition to the monthly Rs 50 subscription charges+ Annual AMC for demat a/c ? OR all the above mentioned charges are inclusive in the subscription charges of Rs 50/ month and no other transactional charges as mentioned above will not be levied over and above the subscription charges? ( The above mentioned case is for a lump sum investment on coin for above RS 1 LAC )

All these charges aren’t applicable on Mutual Funds.

All the brokers who have the facility of holding MF units in demat form to their users charge the charges mentioned above while selling/buying MF units as transactional charges since when in demat form buying/selling MF units is no different than buying/selling Stocks!..and its my understanding that since zerodha is also one of the brokers providing the facility of holding MF units in demat form as other brokerage houses so it will also charge transactional charges as mentioned above?..only difference is that zerodha is the only broker providing direct MF in demat form…PLEASE CLARIFY!!..its also my request to please EXPLAIN EXPLICITLY ALL THE UPFRONT/HIDDEN/TYPES OF CHARGES THAT ARE GOING TO BE INCURRED FROM BUYING TO SELLING OF MF UNITS AS AN INVESTOR ON COIN!

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Hi @samban,

You can refer to this article on their support portal.

Apart from this, the only other charges will be if you chose to dematerialize or rematerialize your existing investments.