Trendlines disappears when time frame changed

Hi Team,

Lately, i am facing this issue that trend lines disappears when I change time frame. It may happen that some lines will stay and some will not (support will be there but resistance bar will disappear)

This happens when I change from 2 hour to 1 hour also.

is this a bug? or there is some reason behind it? I am using Trading view charts on Kite.


I am facing exactly the same problem. This bug has been annoying a lot of people and Zerodha team is not even addressing this problem. I even started a thread here but no reply so far.

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Can we tag forum moderators here ?

@siva : Hi Siva, can you please look into this issue ?


I’m not sure whether this bug is in Trading View charts or Zerodha because I faced same issue in Fyers too which also uses Trading View charts.

Many times the trend lines disappear while switching from higher to lower time frame.

The lines require few seconds to load and adjust in lower time frames. So, I do the following trick and its working. Keep zooming in and out the chart with mouse wheel for 5 to 7 seconds on the time frame at which trend lines are visible. After that switch to your desired time frame and those lines will be visible.

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Whatever the problem must be, but since Zerodha is our broker and they are using it then that means they become liable to address it. It’s been affecting the trade quality as I mostly scalp options. I haven’t heard any response, fed up with their service so far. Planning to move on.


Can you guys check whether you have turned on Visibility across different timeframes from Trendline settings?

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This is from TV, we have asked them for a fix.

Yes @ShubhS9, everything checked.

@siva Alright, thanks for the update. Although I don’t think it’s going to be fixed anytime soon because I saw on other forums this issue has been going on since few months. But anyway I hope TV fixes it.

Thank you Siva. I hope it gets fixed soon!

@siva: Hi, Any update on this?

Problem seems to be getting worse now.

I don’t think it will get fixed soon. As far as I know, this issue is present from many months (or maybe years) in Trading View.

Did you try my strange/weird trick that I mentioned above?

No, as said this is from TV, all brokers who are using TV has this issue, it has to be fixed by them.

Can you please check this n clarify.
Displaying wrong candles in Chartiq
Candles difference

No issues here, our hourly starts from 9.15, TV from 9 so candles will look different.

Can’t believe there is no fix on this even till date. Please check.

++ @siva @nithin

Is it also there in paid version of TV?

Its getting frustrating now


Hi, Is there any fix for this? This is so frustrating.

This fix can be provided only by tradingview, soon we will be updating to new version and hopefully this will be addressed in that.

Just thought of sharing what was worked for me in case of this issue.
Trendlines start showing up in all time frames when i disabled my ad blocker extension in browser !

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

I am still facing this issue when going from higher timeframes like 15-30 min to lower like 1min or 5 min… Any one else?