Triple T - Tasty Trader Traits

Hi All,

I was just speaking to a new friend @CreedCap_India and realised that we had surprisingly similar likings in terms of Books, Movies, Serials, etc. Whatever I recommended, he had already gone through. This made me realise that a vast majority of people here will have strikingly similar but limited options available.

Here is a post to widen the horizon. Please share your likes or traits. I will list few of mine to get the ball rolling and keep adding yours sequentially -

Books -

  1. Flash Boys
  2. The Big Short
  3. Liar’s Poker
  4. Options As Strategic Investment
  5. Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard
  6. Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator
  7. Barbarians At The Gate
  8. Den Of Thieves
  9. The Predators Ball
  10. The Greatest Trade Ever
  11. Fooled By Randomness
  12. Zen In The Markets

Movies -

  1. The Big Short
  2. Margin Call
  3. The Last Day Of Lehman Brothers
  4. Too Big To Fail
  5. The Wolf Of Wall Street
  6. Gafla
  7. Boiler Room
  8. 21

Serials -

  1. Billions

YouTube -

  1. Chat With Traders
  2. Tasty Trades

Cheers to finding something common, dear and new …


Movies -

  1. Gafla
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Books -

  1. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
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I do follow some youtube posters. worth a mention

Chat With Traders.
Interesing insights on Futures, Investors, Options, Arb Traders and
how they plan their trades, risk mgmt etc


Brilliant … Added.

My favorite book on finance is “Barbarians at the gate” .

My fav books in fiannce,

  1. Barbarians at the gate
  2. Den of thieves
  3. The Predators ball ( junk bond king michael milken )
  4. The greatest trade ever

“Boiler room” is the plain masalaless version of wolf of walf street movies.


Wow! Your book selections definitely have a theme. You will love Liar’s Poker.
Nice … List updated.

yeah… i liked that as well
i am yet to read “Flash boys” and “Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator” in the list.

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Flash Boys is super awesome. I actually worked on smart order routing and connecting ICEX to our institutional desk. The book is all about HFT and having a fairer exchange … which is good for everybody in the system. Must read.

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i am a software guy , but i did clear CFA 2 and worked few months in a clearing desk ( fresher to finance domain ) …
working in finance clearly changed my perspective


Movies -

  1. 21
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Off-course … The only movie that tells you - How to beat the House!! No puns intended … Option Sellers :wink: Added.

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Adding another book - Fooled By Randomness!!
Changes perspective.

@muthunagarajan1 - Giving credit where its due for - Zen in Markets. Added.

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