Twitter will now be owned 100% by Elon Musk 🔥

I don’t think Musk will buy Twitter. He will find a reason or the other to back out of the deal

Twitter has still not gone private and Elon Musk still does not own the entirety of it. Things definitely take more time in the real world.

If things turn right for Twitter, years later we will see headlines like

"How an Indian CEO helped twitter sail through tough times"



If Musk becomes the owner, he will be the first one to lose his job.
Then you will see memes on social media ‘Thoda aur padh leta to bank PO ban jata’. :grinning:

He will be paid US$ 42 million for “loosing” his job.
he will be laughing all the way to bank, looking at those memes

That’s quite obvious

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My prediction came true.


Great one @ANKIT_T


Now an investigation should be launched against Musk by US authorities to ascertain if he really intended to buy Twitter or was just playing some insider trading game.


Yes , he had played the market multiple times particularly in crypto-world( it was clear case of market manipulation) . Crypto is non regulated so he got away with it . This time he should be penalize and be investigated


I think he played the game. Elon is known for his market manipulation. He was manipulating the market, and we didn’t know that!

Musk is surely an intelligent man. He plans what we can’t even think of. He created a lot of turmoil in the crypto world but I am sure that Twitter won’t let that happen to them.

Twitter is not something new . It will be interesting to see that Is musk interested in buying Meta group ?

I don’t think it’s going to be easy on him. Being a popular figure, he can’t just walk down the narrow alley. He will have to satisfy everyone with what he plans to do.

Elon Musk is a shrewd businessperson. Elon’s business and marketing skills are quite clever. But I don’t think they are gonna go that far with their present attitude. Intelligence is a different thing, but to utilise that intelligence in order to manipulate everyone around is quite different. The latter always makes one fall down.

CEO and CFO fired. That didn’t take long.

I guess we will see Donald Trump back very soon

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Good for them free money in form of severance package + stocks sold at premium :ok_hand:t2:

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Good fat paycheck! :innocent:

I assume so and also Elon Musk intention is to kick out Vijaya Gadde & Parag Agarwal :face_with_hand_over_mouth: