Upi mandate issues

As answered above.

Approved Payment and amount blocked but UPI app shows mandate failed - The bank, NPCI and the exchange run a 3 way reconciliation to check for successful applications and fund blocks. If your block status is not updated at the UPI app level or exchange level, the RTA may still consider your application since your funds are successfully blocked with the bank.

You can also verify your bid on NSE website.

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and I did not get a message from the bank that the amount is blocked but upi app showing amount is blocked

Suggest you get in touch with your bank, they can guide you better regarding this issue.

should I wait till the mandate ends?

But why Zerodha console not showing status like accepted by investor ?

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Console displays the UPI status last received from the exchange. This status is likely to get updated as the banks reconcile their records with the exchange. The exchange will share their file with the RTA at the end of the issue and the RTA will check if the amounts are blocked using the bank’s file to do the final reconciliation before allotment.

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should I wait till the mandate ends? of the ipo for refund of my first application

I contacted the bank. But they said the amount is blocked for IPO. And will be released after allotment. And asked to contact bhi care. I contacted zerodha people too. They said the amount will be released within 48hrs. Let’s see what happens

WHaT TO DO IF block/release request rejected by sponsor bank

my upi is with BHIM APP

Rajesh, even i faced the same issue with CAMS bidding. You can delete this application and bid a new one. Funds will be unblocked within 48hrs for rejected application

The CAMS IPO has closed, but facing same issue… Can I modify my bid today to enter a new UPI ID?

The window for subscription has closed, you cannot modify or make new bid now.

@ShubhS9 I am facing the same issue. UPI authorization has failed and I can’t seem to try again. What to do?

If your funds are blocked the RTA may still consider your application as your funds are successfully blocked with the bank.

If the funds aren’t blocked then you can delete the earlier application and apply again if it was Angel Broking IPO as it closed tomorrow, if it was CAMS or Chemcon then you cannot do anything now as the subscription window is closed.

It is Chemcon and funds aren’t blocked. So I guess nothing can be done

This is so strange… The whole effort of opening a new account for my Dad on Zerodha few days ago to apply for these IPOs has been wasted if this doesn’t work now…

As your application got rejected, you can delete it and apply again. No mandate request will appear for rejected application. But cross check your SMS for application number while accepting new mandate request

Subscription has been closed, you cannot modify or cancel. You need to wait till 27th to check allotment. Good luck…!!

If IPO Mandate doesn’t get setup due to featur missing in ICICI Apple iphone App then how will I get an allotment?