Upi mandate issues

I am facing IPO upi mandate issue

What sort of issue?

Hi, i have applied for Mazagon dock IPO. The application has been failed where as the upi mandate which I accepted has been successful and the Amount has been blocked from my account. Where as the application has been failed.

My query is whether the amount will be refunded and will it be after the allocation of shares or immediately? And should I apply for new application for IPO?

You will have to delete your application and apply again.

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I’m trying to apply for UTI AMC and Mazagon Dock IPO through Zerodha
After receiving the mandate on BHIM UPI app, when I try to accept the mandate, some error (“Original Reqauthmandate Not found”). How do I resolve this?

You can delete the earlier application you made and apply again, if it still doesn’t work, best if you get in touch with BHIM or try applying through Netbanking ASBA, the process has been explained here.

Hi sir, i deleted the application. But my fund is blocked. So, will the refund happen immediately or after the Finalisation of Basis of Allotment, Initiation of Refunds will take place ?

Kindly clarify this. so that I ll apply again.

After you delete your application, it can take 24-48 hours for your funds to get released.

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How to contact RTA and what to do i am in a tension now

Shared their email with you above, you can get in touch with them there.

You can also call them on +91 22 4918 6200.

Is it not mandatory to subscribe for an IPO via UPI mandate? Will my application be considered if i apply through ASBA?I have applied few times and in BSE website and once it showed UPI approval pending. Sometimes it shows UPI pending for few days and on the day of allotment it showed ‘No Record Found’ .
I doubt if at all our application gets considered if we apply though ASBA.
Please give me some insight as i am a newbie.


I am facing the same issue. If you find the solution please help me as well.

Just drop a mail to Registrar. That’s what I have done. They asked for my Demat and application details and for rest I am waiting for an update from their side.

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U telling to drop email to [email protected] right?


Same thing happened with me. Have you received the refund yet?

Hi. Same thing happened with me. Have you received the refund yet?

It can take up to Mandate End Date for funds to get released in your account.

You can contact NPCI at [email protected] with your application number, IFSC Code and Bank account number and also get in touch with your Bank.

I had applied for a IPO from zerodha and received the upi mandate but later on I cancelled my application from zerodha.Will the fund get unblocked on its own?
I received the cancellation mail from zerodha and can I apply again?

The funds are automatically unblocked, can take 24 to 48 hours.

Yes, you can apply again.