Upi mandate issues

Hi Kishen, the onus of deducting payment correctly for your application is on the bank. You may hold on to the shares or sell them from your holdings as you will. You have no cause for worry here.

You can write to your bank with the details of the unblocked amount and your mandate in the meantime.

I am facing the same problem… anybody plz let me know… how to sort out this issue… my contact number 9986755866.

Even I’m facing the same problem… how to sort it out … plz let me know… my contact number 9986755866

Same with me today

Hello, I received mandate for Route IPO, but authorisation failed, Now how can I re-authorize the same on Gpay.
It says authorisation failed due to insufficient finds but I just checked my balance which is showing more than the required amount.
Thank you.

You can delete the earlier application you made for IPO, and apply again, if it still doesn’t work you can also apply through Netbanking ASBA, the process has been explained here.

On 9th september I applied for Route mobile IPO and received a mandate within 10 mins which I authorized too. The next day i received one more mandate requesting approval for the same application number. Please help in resolving this.Thanks!

If you have already authorized, you can ignore it.

I applied for route mobile IPO. on 12th september, when i’m trying to approve the mandate, i’m getting an error in UPI as “ORIGINAL REQAUTHMANDATE NOT FOUND”. Any idea why this error is coming?

I am facing similar issues. Did you get any solution to this ?


I faced same issue with happiest minds IPO so what happened next

I am facing the Same problem in happiest mind ipo…

If the upi mandate status is not updated on the closing day of the issue. That means application is invalid.
when you check the allotment status with application number or pan card both shows invalid.
In future If we are applying through UPI make sure we have to apply 1 day before closing day and if not the status is updated we can cancel and reapply.
Best way is to do with asba with any bank account.
The chances of failure is nil and the blocked amount will be released instantly on the final allotment date.

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My application is not found for route mobile, even though my funds are blocked. Please help.

There is no need to worry.
The mandate end date is 29/09/2020.
your bank will revoke on or before 29th.
I have similar issue with HappiestMind, we have to wait till mandate end date.

You can verify your application on NSE website.

If you haven’t received the allotment, the process of initiation of refunds will start today.

The website mentioned is just for verifying bid info.
Yo verify allotment please visit https://rkarisma.kfintech.com/ipostatus/.

I am also facing same issue for route mobile IPO
Share alloted but payment failed what to do?

I have placed bid for Happiest minds and accepted UPI mandate and amount is blocked. And later i decided to cancel the bid as i was in hurry of funds and i cancelled it. When can i expect my refund of blocked amount for hwich i have cancelled. Please suggest…

The process of initiation of refunds started on 15th September.

You cancelled your application, so your amount should’ve been unblocked by now. Best if you get in touch with your bank.