Upstox Just Launched Global Investing. What About Zerodha?

For the last few years, Zerodha is always the one among all brokers to launch the most interesting features first in India, including Level 3 Data, GTT etc.

And I read the Zerodha is planning to launch Global Investing too. But Upstox has already rolled out the feature.

What is Zerodha’s ETA on this feature? @nithin @siva

Just Curious.

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Please, follow this link:

Personally, I think every stock broker will have something that Zerodha does not do or is not the best at. The reason being they will look at Zerodha or any market leader for that matter and try to differentiate themselves.

So if I want to invest in US stocks, then I will just open an account with who ever helps me do that best, not necessarily Zerodha unless there is a SEBI rule preventing me from doing so.

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That’s a copied platform & Idea.
I have seen this presentation approx 6 weeks back at some broking house given by Invest19. A lot PR is already there in market for them. They are coming up with 25 countries, 45 exchanges & “0” brokerage that’s what their theme I remember. What an unfortunate companies like UPSTOX are copying ideas and misleading by mentioning that they are the first one…
check the below link for reference…

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45 plus exchange brokerage cant be started overnight and is never heard of , how is this offered via whitelable or tie up with a big brokerage house abroad, and in case of any disputes between clients and broker what will be the jurisdiction?