When will zerodha launch an international investment platform?

I am waiting to hear from zerodha for a platform to invest in foreign stock markets but everytime you ask zerodha the only reply is sooooon… Upstox has just launched this->

@zerodha team when can we expect this stuff from zerodha?

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Above is just an announcement, not yet started I assume. Anyhow at zerodha this will be coming soon, we are trying to solve remittance of funds part for retailers otherwise which is very costly.


…a 3rd spot is still vacant. Forex remittance n especially charges on it is indeed the main issue!

Lets see

…apart from.HDFC international investing launched in the 1st week …and also ‘Vested’…

…60 plus exchanges and across 25 countries…seems like a well established broker with inter-continental reach…wonder which one -!!!

They have an almost finished product ready which will now be made available to their existing consumers. I wanted zerodha to give me a platform to invest in usa but these guys are giving their consumers a platform to invest in 25+ countries. When will your ‘soon’ come?

I cannot provide you with the link. I received the link in my notifications via the upstox pro app and I use the ‘duckduckgo’ browser. It doesn’t save browsing history. I think they have given this notification to existing customers only. Non-users might hear about this in the news or in the coming days via ads.

…and in any case it is always important to do.it.right then do.it fastest.

A cost friendly platform will be adopted by one and all. One that is as cost effective n swift as other platforms of Zerodha.

…will wait for a winner from Zerodha to assess all the options

oh yeah, bro. I get the notification too, and yes enrolled since it didn’t cost a penny :sweat_smile: and yes agree with @siva, It is just announcement for now.
Honestly, I love ZERODHA and the whole team and really hoping for Zerodha to offer the same soon.



@nithin and zerodha are waiting for their inhouse lawyers to find out a law, clause, sub-clause, order, circular, judgement, press release, concall, conference, anecdote, GO, advisory, observations, opinions and imaginations to find out if they could find something anything, so that this could be prevented. If unable to find anything that can be used as a pretext for shelving this feature, they will look for alternate readings. I am sure they will soon find the material required to avoid this.

On a side note, zerodha may soon stop providing charting facilities to the clients “until further clarity emerges” due to following observations.

  1. It has been observed that 90% people loose while using charting platforms to trade. So clearly charting in harmful for retail.
  2. Most of the indicators like STR give buy/sell signals. Which a trader may consider as a trading call from zerodha, which is explicitly banned by SEBI.
  3. SEBI has specifically asked all brokers from enticing the retail in trading. The superb charting facility that zerodha until now provides is very colorful and looks cute :heart_eyes:. So this may lead to a retail spending more time on screen and hence trade more. As a very ethics driven venture zerodha don’t want to violate the SEBI guideline of enticing retail in trading, Hence charting must go.

(Sarcasm and parody)


You do go to great lengths and spend quite a bit of your valuable time on sarcasm and parody. I don’t see the point, but maybe you know better.



On a more serious note @nithin when can one expect Zerodha to offer services allowing one to invest in other jurisdictions?

There are regulatory issues. Doing it the way HDFC or ICICI does, which is them sending out leads to a separate company and a different platform for investing would have been straight forward. We want to integrate everything within one, that is taking time.

Also like Siva mentioned, this product will be half baked if customer needs to walk into a bank branch and have to sign a bunch of forms to remit money to US. We are also trying to solve for it.

Don’t want to give timeline, but hopefully soon.


Hi @nithin I think this is something that will take a lot preparation and lot’s of hurdles to dodge. So I request you not to rush. Take your time and when you finally go live with I hope it would be perfect. :smiley:


what exchanges are you guys working on? is it just US exchanges or other exchanges would be supported too?

Most of the stocks we hear about, products we use are listed on US exchanges so I think that should do, also many country//region oriented ETFs are available on US exchanges so I believe that should help one to indirectly invest in many countries. If one is investing in different countries individually then they have to take all currencies risks also.


understandable, thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Investing in US based ETFs isn’t tax effective for resident Indians due to withholding tax regulations of US. Irish domiciled ETFs are popular due to better taxation.

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