Upstox Review: Is Upstox Brokerage under staffed?

It takes more than 20 minutes to get someone on the Customer care line at Upstox, no matter morning or evening.

Any Upstox clients here sharing the same view?

For clients making STD calls this is too much of inconvenience

Or is it the same situation with all brokers?

yes, usually hold times are very long for Upsox, and also their back office is not advanced.

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Same Story with Zerodha also.


If u have Ur Id and zpin u connect with them pretty soon in Zerodha.


Hope so, Not only through phone calls, even emails they take 2 working days to reply.

Zerodha is also not any better. But still zerodha takes feedback seriously & these guys work continuously for improving their services. I haven’t called the customer care in awhile now been a month I guess but last month I was fed up & it was a black out at zerodha customer care due to high number of calls. That time govt banks recapitalization news was around which made the markets crazy & so it was a rare event. But Zerodhas leadership lies in the safe hands of Nithin so you wont have to face any bad experience.

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It’s amazing and uncanny how when @Spaceship makes a bad landing on any given thread, he completely changes the context and intent of the entire thread.

Count as on 31st Oct 2017.

4 ZERODHA : 332190

The support overload goes up with the client base. They’re working to address this using smart solutions. Time heals everything.

Sometime try Angel Broking.
Avg. Wait period for me is 40 min

Dont tag me. Why are targeting me personally. I speak bitter truth. Uncanny is your mind! Read again, I spoke good things too. I said it was a rare blackout event. I tried 30 times entire day & nobody ever answered the line. Call went on forever on hold.

Why are you still keeping with them? I dont trust them.

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But this thread is not about Zerodha sir. Read the question, @portfolioplus911 had a very specific question regarding a very specific topic. He’s not referring to any blackout event. He’s talking about a day to day basis.

LOL now c’mon !! That person created a thread for UPSTOX review. How do you make a review unless you compare the ongoing situation within that company with any other company!!

I love zerodha but if something needs more attention, I will surely speak about it. Mr nithin is well aware of what happened that day. Zerodha customer care lines got jammed because of HUGE number of incoming calls every second.
The customer care girl confirmed me about this rare event.

And I earnestly request you to read question yourself and that to carefully
He said "Or is it the same situation with all brokers?"
So certainly discuss Zerodha also

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I missed reading that, I’m sorry.

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I don’t trust anybody now …not even Zerodha.
The thing is that, I just love upstox portal!!!
It seems it will take ages for kite 3.0 to reach their functionality.
They have genius platform.
Would love kite 3.0 to be like that

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You mean to say that angel has far better functionality trading interface??

Sorry my bad!
I thought you referred to Upstox.
By the way, why you mistrust Angel?

Having traded with them, I can attest to the fact that they are shit!


How come? Plz explain in detail.

Lots of cases of unauthorized trading in customers account happened there in the past & moreover their executive openly told me that they keep the shares in a pool account & it will save you demat charges! Highly unsafe practice & clearly violating the regulations of exchange & SEBI.

This was in the past, I dont know if they are still practicing it.