Want a small feature into kite app

Hello @nithin

Overall experience with app is great, and thanks for a great product.
little feature to add a script from the option chain to whishlist needed.

When we use the kite web we easily use it from the option chain list.

when we navigate the same kite web using mobile browser, we have option to add the strike price to whishlist.
you can see a small plus icon on the right side on button, we use to add to current strike price to wishlist eaisly.

This is Android app option chain listing here, you see only buy & sell buttons, if there small button to add the selected strike price to wishlist this is very useful and we don’t need to search the same price to add it to wishlist.

I hope you guys also find this useful.

Let me bounce this off our team.

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We are working on this request.

Thanks for fresh update and hope to see this feature in near future.

Thanks @nithin

This is added into new update, this very helpful to add a particular strike price to wishlist from option chain in Android app.

Thanks again

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Hello @nithin

Here is samll room to imrove the kite app to use with ease.
Currently when we add an script to whishlist into app, there is 2 way to see the F&O chain to a stock.

  1. simply add any index into app whishlist, and option the index option chain and searh the desired stock.
  2. you need to add the stock CE or PE to whishlist then then you able to access the option chain menu

Possible solution which enhande the app working, when a stock is tradable into F&O, put the F&O chain link on script details scree.

currently when we navigate the kite on mobile browser, we have an option when click on a whishlisted stock, but when we check the same stock on APP, no option avialable.

I hope you also find this usable and user friendly.

Mobile APP screen:

Mobile browser:


@nithin any thoughts on this feature?

This feature will be added to the app as well shortly.

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Thanks now it avialable on mobile app.