Webinar/resources etc

Got this link from a friend. Hope, I am not breaking community rules by sharing outside link.

waste of time! might be valuable for someone

why so?

This is a webinar right. Attend it. Then ask the guy to show the pnl statement with this strategy. If there is a consistent long term profitability reflected in the pnl then it is useful. If not or if he is not willing then ignore the content.


yep, that’s a good litmus test.

But sometimes people tend to drop some valuable points, even though the person might seem crap. That’s a thing I learnt in life.

But we tend to know when the person opens his mouth, if it ll be a time waste or not.

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because I’ve done this shit long ago!
always a sale pitch!

over years faces change but things remain same

these are some resources I used in past

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it’s okay. Thanks for sharing your experience.

so are this recommended resources or things to avoid?


hey thanks.

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Sharing photoshopped screenshots is not difficult. I saw it live on sgx nifty dot org forum 3 years back. One girl shared a screenshot of 75000 profit and by mistake put comma after 7. When people noticed she deleted it immediately

Set up a live online meeting. Ask to share the screen. Then and there ask to open broker terminal and show the pnl, trade list etc.

Showing PnL doesn’t mean anything. I run multiple strategies in multiple accounts. In some season some account will be showing good profit. Doesn’t mean a thing.

do you mean you simultaneously access more than 3 accounts?

Lot of trading strategies are around for many decades. Lot of online gurus also teach the same strategies packing old wine in new or old bottles. Theory is very different from practise as theory doesn’t often account for practical execution effects. If strategy is so good then gurus should trade themselves and show a long term pnl as proof of real market feasibility.

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Yeah. See in one account I may have a long only strategy. In another short only. In another a range strategy.
Just by showing PnL you won’t never know if I am a successful trader or not.
Another is
There are people who post huge profits they maybe having a drawdown in some months which they may not share.
So it is tough to find a scamster by asking him PnL

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Well show the pnl of all three accounts. We will know whether you are profitable.

If we have the tradelist from broker its a simple process to do some excel math and derive your performance metrics including drawdowns.

A better way is to find people who have already benefitted from his teachings and see their PnL. I know a Guruji who is a superstar Youtuber. He is the one who is showing largest profit of all his accounts. The Whatsapp group he created after the seminar is dormat now after people losing money.
Now the response will be - A teacher can only teach it is the student’s problem.
I beg to disagree. A school should have a minimum pass rate :slight_smile: