Weekly Trading Diary 05 March 2018 to 10 March 2018



Can anyone look at this chart and market depth? What the hell is this? Some one expects anyone to buy that shit at 10 lks?




sorry wrong copy paste




i want to learn trading in futures…


how the capital is only 470 rs. i am new to trading so please enlighten me


which trade setup you follow brother




Take a look at the taxes and deductions. I am not sure how much are you going to earn out of this. All the best!


I am using BO (Bracket order) for which I Get 24times limit that is 50024 = approx 12000 trading value


Todays trade 07.03.2018 …


this is a debt instrument of Edelweiss housing finance .


Tomorrow is banknifty expiry. I believe those who don’t want to take loses will manipulate the market. Expecting a volatile day tomorrow in banknifty


Sir no trade setup…Just look in chart when I feel like it may breakout or breakdown a particular level I take my trade.


Tomorrow volatility on BN is sure , but again any pull back on up side is a shorting opportunity, BN is already in Bear Market , but media & Fund mangers start saying market is in a bear market after 6 months !!


Today Shorted 1 lot nifty and booked profit… for more details please see…


Previous Day Loss -24.00 Rs

But HopeFully Recoverd Most Of It +39 Profit Today

Capital 490


1 lot 2 trades


Bought 24500PE at 6.35


Which Series And For Which Expiry