Weekly trading diary : 09th April to 13th April 2018


There is an up side breakout on USDINR :slightly_smiling_face:


Bro, how you decide to go for second target, or did you use any trailing stop loss?



I take BANKNIFTY 25000 put at closing price i.e 294.7 keeping in mind that future going in discount, put value higher than call at same strike atm option, today’s open and high nearly same. Tomorrow i may be wrong but i think this way and take this position at 15.29.57 pm.


Give good results.


For backet order
Candle Range is training stop and stop-loss.and 2times of range is target.
Once target-1 hits, stop loss shifts automatically to entry price.


Guys, Any free source web or software for Options Builder.?
I am aware of Optionstracker.net but its not updating the prices regularly and Payoff charts are also not available.


Sorry, i am unable to understand, can you pls give an example?


issue with bracket orders.

One side order are not closed automatically and I am unable to close.

After buystop order triggered, other side buy limit order should be closed.
But partial quantity is open.

I tried to closed manually not closing.
If it will triggered then that’s serious technical issue with bracket orders.


entry: 100
Stoploss: 98

My trailing stoloss is 2.
Once price move 2 point up means to target-1,it will place stoploss @ entry level,Risk free trade.
Target is 4. (2 X range).Order will close @ 98+4 =104.


Today I made a mistake and deviated from my strategy which cost me 250 loss but I recovered 120 back.Could have recovered the entire amount but didn’t want to over trade.


Bro never deviate from your strategy…I learned it the hard way yesterday when I ended up in 10k loss from 2k profits… although squared off today in little profit…(by following the strategy).


Ya you are right.Yesterday I made 10 % profit and now I made 10% loss today.Net effect is nil.If I had held my trade longer then I could have had 20% profit today but emotions took over and I put my SL higher and it got hit.I am new to trading and learning to be more precise every day.


I am also new to trading as well bro…but always have a pre defined target and stop loss…and we should get out of trade if any one of them gets hit… yesterday I tried to average instead of getting out and I could have blown my account by about 45%.thankfully got out at almost breakeven point…


You are right.We should have a Target and SL when we enter a trade.I got a bit stressed when the trade went opposite way and quit the trade early by putting SL higher.Thats how I lost the trade.Had i been patient the target would have reached and I could have made 20% return.



TODAY P/L :: -1.1 R = -110 RS. ( - 0.36%)




  1. DRREDDY (TODAY) has not triggered entry price due to gap down opening.Our limit order is remain pending. So,Trade has became invalid.

There is no swing trade set up for 13 APRIL,2018.



12 apr


Did you suffer loss today becoz of BO issue or your strategy didnt work?? @shekar


yes for a reasonable part

I was not able modify order or place order.
But I wont blame it whole on zerodha
there was a flaw in my entry as well


OK. Thanks for replying, just wanted to know as now I am getting afraid & worried for ongoing frequent BO issues with Kite.