Weekly trading diary : 09th April to 13th April 2018


WTF is wrong with zerodha. I am putting limit order of BNKNIFTY PE @ 21 which is trading at 21.1 and it is getting rejected always. I have sufficient funds but still I am getting RMS rule based on % LTP …blah blah… BS


Man this is BS what do I have to do to put a order through? Can anyone help? Or Zerodha just doesn’t want anyone to put order through during first 30 mins?


is it just me or others are facing this issue as well?

Limit or market no order is going through.


I face no problem today and made good profit on my two trades using Zerodha.


I also didn’t face any problem and made small profit . But i won’t trade with zerodha when my capital is high as its not reliable always because every month they come with technical issue.


I also didn’t face any problem today and made some profit. :blush:


True, but today there are no issues. Every month they have technical issues.The orders can’t be executed.I will probably quit Zerodha if it happens again.By grace of God I had profits to cover my losses when the issue occurred. @nithin Please fix your platform.I will definitely move out of Zerodha if it occurs again.Please respond to this as more people are being pissed off with technical issues occurring repeatedly.I agree that mistakes do happen but negligence can’t be tolerated.Also your customer support doesn’t really do anything about it.Atleast try to fix the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again.Zerodha might be big now but don’t forget that it’s us the customers that make you big.Pissing us off will definitely cause you problems.


Got it thanks


Todays quick trades after busy shedule…profit of 7k…this zerodha always sucks in market hour.will withdraw fumd


whats your capital size ?