Weekly trading diary : 09th April to 13th April 2018


Infy’s price could also go up even after bad results.
See ICICI Bank, after Kochar Videocon case, ICICI bank stock is booming.

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@VelmuruganSengottai You should post often here. Every time I see your profile pic it brings smile to my face. :joy:


But it did got hammered the next day almost dropped 5% also it’s not really booming in any sense.


guess it will be red … but i meant that i wont be surprised if it closes in green …
have some bad experiences earlier by comparing it with ADR rates


143 is the last traded price and no contract got traded after that … probbaly it was traded when nifty was at 11k


man … what i meant is ADRs are not the right indicators much like sgx nifty
it can go down 5% or even 10% … it can gap down 5% and can close 5% +ve as well …

i wont bet my home on result reactions because i have got wounds to show :slight_smile:


recently ( two or three quarters earlier ) , i had condor on ICICI bank before the results and results came after mkt hours and ADR was down 5/6% ( results were belwo expectations ) …
next day it opened 4/5% down in our mkts and i covered my put side in loss and kept the call side open expecting a VX implosion … unfortunately it recovered and closed 5% up :persevere:


i am in the process of doing some import/export business with one of my ex korean manager ( ex samsung guy ) , spending 3/4 hrs everyday in that …
once things settle i am planning to start intraday in stocks and intrday in bank nifty as well ( short straddle or stangle ) :wink:
then will eb active :blush:

these days i am trying positional trades to save some time … only meaningful trade i did is strangle on infy before the results but unfortuntely it didnt move much and lost moneyz :neutral_face:


ADR down 7.72%, most likely gap down open on Monday.


I’ve just started intraday trading.

I didn’t account for STT and other charges so even though I made gross 704 on day 2, my net was a loss. Mainly due to heavy trading to recover from a loss situation.

On day 3 I got excited and gambled, that too on a stock I’m not familiar with. :worried:

Trying to be more conservative and not trade emotionally. Goal for next week is to stay net profitable even if profit is in single digits.


Wish you all the best.


Advice as a friend I can give is always keep your position size small unless you are absolutely sure.


I agree! Learnt this the hard way. :grimacing:


Don’t start with a big capital.You will loose it all in weeks.Seems like you are a newbie.So i would advice you to trade using a capital of 500 or 1000 till you reach an expert level.


So, there are many facing these issues @nithin


Another Scam


nice to see u guys… i didnt took any trades in this week as i was busy with my other schedule… Friday after noon i took 3 lot 10700 PE and holding …There is bad news on Global market( US-Syria). also Infy result was not good as expected, all these things i think will pull down nifty by 50 to 80 point on monday it seems…


@Lakshmikanth_Jadhav Dear what is ADR, i never heared about… can u explain… i am happy to learn new things


He is taking about infy ADR (share which is traded in NYSE).



ADR stands for American Depositary Receipt. Basically some of the Indian shares are listed in global markets and Infosys is one of them, which is listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) . These shares are traded in their markets just like how they are traded locally in the Indian markets.


And INFY is down 5.9% and IT sector 2.44% !