Weekly trading diary - 6 June to 11 June


A thread for discussing your trades

Charlie's trades

I intend to make Rs.1000 every day to see if it’s possible. Will try to achieve this by trading one lot of an F&O stock. And I’ll update my trade for the day here, every day.

If there are days where I’m unable to trade, then I won’t post anything for that day.



6 Aug 2018

Today’s Biocon trade was an exception because I was able to trade the whole day, or at least I held the trade for the whole day. I just took one trade today.

Trade details:

Tomorrow onwards, I will only be able to trade post 1pm. So let’s see how it goes, fingers crossed.


I’m only able to post one image per post. @Tradingqna, could you please increase the number of images to 3 per post cos I’ll require to post 3 images: Orders, Positions and Chart. Thanks!


7 Aug 2018

Shorted 1 lot Biocon Fut at 575.3 in BO with a target of 1.2 rupees which is 574.1
The trade lasted for 7 minutes.

Charlie's trades

@Bhuvanesh, I wish to document all my trades under one thread. I’ve clearly stated that I’m going to execute Rs.1000 everyday trades for as long as I can, so I hope you realize that Charlie’s trades have a motive of its own. Please don’t split the trades, thanks a ton!


which indicator is that?




8 Aug 2018

Shorted 1 lot Biocon Fut at 576 and bought it back at 571.90.


Ah, we can’t have separate threads, you can post you trades here


time frame ??


its 5m


9 Aug 2018

Bought 1 lot Biocon FUt at 572.15 and sold it at 574.


can you tell the reason for going BUY and SELL for your trade on 9th Aug trade?


Buying at trendline support after price broken through previous support and sustained above it. (short squeeze)


@Charlie , awaiting for your trades, where are they ??


Hey @Jagz, I forgot to take screenshots yesterday and even on Friday, been rather busy.

Do you wanna create a Trading diary for this week?


Here you go


Hell Yeah! Your live trades (Screenshot) is very helpful to me. Understanding is easy, an what you’re doing, I appreciate it . :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! @Jagz Appreciate the appreciation :slight_smile: