Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018

Hope first week of the year ended bullish. Anticipated for week 2. Share your strategies, live trading ideas, discussions. Happy trading :slight_smile:


@Lets_Invest @mac76 Could please do TA of GMRINFRA. Is it good to invest for 1000 shares?

It has shown some rally already. Some news in upcoming days or weeks associated with it may take it to upper levels but otherwise I don’t see any further reason for it to give u good return in short term.

Its my opinion.

And technical analysis will tell u about expected price movement based on support n resistance, EMA, chart patterns etc .

Thanks @Spaceship for ur views. :+1:

What’s view on YESBANK movement next week?

I am stuck with corporation bank and pnb bank in loss ok 10k

My first profitable commodity trade :smiley:
Commodity prices swing wildly…I think they are somewhat manipulated.


First profit is a great feel :slight_smile: Keep gaining :+1:

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Thanks a lot :smiley:

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I’m not a technical expert but I think it may reach 345 if the overall market remain good. We can expect a boom in prices after financial results. If you are holding in cash, then have a stop-loss of 311. Good luck!

Budget session is on February 1. What to expect ? Which sector may boost up before the budget 2018-19?

@Spaceship @mac76 @Tintin I am currently holding Coal India stocks bought at ₹ 280. Will it rise this month. Should I hold or exit?

Nifty should consolidate in the 10500-650 range. Vols should go up as the budget approaches. So buying Feb strangles/straddles looks like a good idea. Also I expect Nifty to break out post budget so OTM calls for feb and hold post budget.


Overall good time for intraday :money_mouth_face:

What is your view about RCOM on Monday??

But I read somewhere that since commodities market is a global market it’s not easy to manipulate as compared to equities.

Many commodities like agro are Indian based whereas crude is imported so global.

Commodities are highly manipulative & speculative than stocks. Big institutions, govt, market makers control commodity prices.

Its not just demand n supply figures but more than that.

If u are not in urgent need of money, keep holding.
Good for long term.

For short term, technical view is it has resistance in the range 285- 290 levels.

If it crosses that range, it can head to 295 - 310 levels.

If after crossing the resistance range of 285- 290, it is unable to sustain above 285 levels on closing basis then it can slip back to 270- 280 range until it shows further up move.

Currently it is trading at 278 , you can put a Stop loss at 274 & buy back at lower levels.

Fundamental view is it needs some trigger for upmove. It can be some upcoming happenings by govt.

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ThanQ @Spaceship Yes, I want to hold for some more days. If it got 295+ then I may sell.