Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


Very good :+1:
We would love to see the Pairs now if you don’t mind :grin::hugs:




ok… then probably i will stay away from this stock for now… thank you :slight_smile:


you can start a stock advisory services … get it in touch with any CA
you can start it as privite limited or a LLP




Thank you so much for Feedback. :grinning::smiley:
I think I should Gain more experience and work in the Industry.


I was also Looking at PVR.


Do you think 1560 is achievable?


I opened a LLP firm for trading ( with my partner ) .
I am bit aware of the opening process of private firm and llp.

Process is more or less same , but i don’t know exactly what additional thing is required for opening an advisory firm.
I know few guys from orkut days , they don’t have a finance degree but they opened advisory firms.



First day at trading in 2018.


First hurdle is 1475 If Broke with Good Volumes and Sustain Above 1475 It will Move to 1500.
Delivery percentage is Also Increased.
Change in OI (%) 2.83 %


So, You Guys were Trading with your own Funds?


Most Active Call Options.

Most Active Put Options.


South Indian Bank has given multi-year breakout. One can accumulate it for 40++ target in short term. Tomorrow is the result day, and based on “Market is always ahead of new” hence this scrip is almost sureshot.


Hindcopper will rise in this week ?


yes … actually 90% mine and my partner gave 10% as a token investment …
we need 2 people to open a pvt ltd or LLP … or we can have one person company as well which is even more simpler

i think you can register your advisory as one person company as well if possible


What is the benefits of Trading like this?

Yes, I’ll do this. Let me gain more experience.
And also working on some tools which will sort out stock for Intraday and Swing Trading. Let the tool start working smoothly.
We will work on this registration part.


If someone Sold WOCKPHARMA yesterday.
He must be having Profit of Rs.24300/- for now.


Touched almost 1500 PVR :joy: