Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


RELIANCE INDUSTRIES Moving for 980 Levels in Upcoming sessions.
Brokerage Houses have also Coverage on this and Giving Target of 980+
Looks Like its a Rally of Upcoming Results.


Screenshot (4757)


Rs 5.32cr NSE Block Trade: South Indian Bank for ~1620460 shares, at Rs 32.8

SOUTH INDIA BANK Q3 PAT Rs.115cr vs Rs.111cr yoy

GROSS NPA 3.4% IN DEC Q3 VS 3.57% SEP. Q2

SOUTH INDIAN BANK LTD Q3 NET PROFIT 1.15 B (|EST. 1.04 BVS 1.12 B +2%, GROSS NPA 34% VS 3.57% ,PROVISIONS 1.54 B VS 2.07 B, INT. INCOME 15.8 B VS 14.78 B


INFY Derivative Strategy - Result base

INFY Buy 1 lot of 1040 call @ 29 - 30
INFY Buy 1 lot of 1040 Put @ 35 - 36
Initial Margin : aprox Rs.32500
Profit Unlimited up side or Downside ,
Max loss Limited to premium Rs.32500
BEP - Upper -1105, Lower -975

I Want Input on this from experience Option traders.


todays intraday-


Short SBI @ 307.70 And Cover Position AT 306.80. In Fear I Closed It Very Quickly Other Wise CMP Of SBi 305


Buy Motherson Sumi Jan FUT @383 Target 494 SL 378


Feeling happy. :blush:
Had a great profitable day. I did around 30 trades in Rcom, Coal India, adani power, south Indian bank, wockhard & few more.


tax benefits … we can buy car , pay house rent and other stuffs from the companys money as expense :smile:
still not making enough money though …


Can a small company utilize majority of its revenue in expenses & show up only very small profitable income?
Can taxes be avoided by doing like this?

You may fall in higher tax slab. And avoiding taxes by having unnecessary high expenses may take a toll on the person because he may not able to build enough balance.


possible …
partner can be an employee of the LLP/Private firm and he can get variable pay as well , but your partner should agree for this…
but we may need to opne a PF account if the salary goes beyond certain limits …

another way is put all the money as loan and you can pay interest on that loan… like you put 20L and your partner put 20L , you both can receive interest for that money…

tax slab is flat 30% and we need to pay some extra money for CAs for filing returns and signing the docs … worth a shot if the company has above 25L capital


Okay, Thank you for information :grin: :+1:


i use to short strangle or short straddle just before the results if i find option premiums are high …and i ended up with decent profits at the end of the series… option prices drop like a stone after the resuts because of the drop in vix

one issue here is covering deep inside the money options … so i use to short little OTM options
my view is in the long term , short sellers make money …


I have seen this live in my open position on expiry day :joy:
From day high to 0.05 in Just few seconds :joy:
It was like Boom :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Thank you once again :+1:


How much is ur trading capital sir?


Hi Sujal, I use around 1.5 lacs for intraday trading.


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This is My Quarterly Result. :joy:


U don’t give LIKES to others posts!! Your results speak. Kanjoos!

U spend more time on this forum than your home/ college or even stock markets.


Activate Windows man


The quarterly results are good. EBITDA has improved. :rofl::joy:
We recommend a BUY rating here. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: