Weekly trading diary: November Week 3, Profit/Loss for 13 Nov - 17 Nov 2017


I have more than what is required for taking futures position as NRML margin. And brother I dont advice nobody to get excited from my posts because I dont take responsibility of anyone’s loss.

I have suffered big loss also in past & I know what loss can make you feel. If I trade on big quantity, I can loss half my invested capital in few seconds.

I have seen share price moving against my direction & can cause you big heart attack.

Its a foolish strategy which I am doing. One day I maybe hero, next day I can be zero.

Gambling is not good. I am not doing responsible trading.


What is paper trading?


Bro, ur strategy can be aptly termed ‘Surgical Strike’ strategy! Either the other side takes the heavy casualty or u take the heavy casualty. I hope ur strikes r just across the border & not deep inside the border :relaxed:
Take care!


I have to agree with you. To add further, I want to say, leverage is a two edged sword. Before getting into any trade, we should ask ourselves, how much loss we are willing to take by entering into this trade.
Because even if one is 200% sure or 2000% sure, it doesn’t improves your winning odds which remain the same. Its always 50 - 50 chance, either you win , or you loss. And to add more, actually the odds are not 50- 50 ( 1/2) , the odds are slightly more in favor of the markets. You have to pay taxes, stamp duty etc too so the winning odds become 49 - 51.

I want to share one very important remark.

If you don’t bet, you can’t win. If you loose all your chips, you can’t bet!!

You are in the game as long as you have some chips, the moment you run out of chips, You loose.


1.You take Positions On Paper By writing the Entry price or Exit price.

2.You take Positions in any demo Software/ Application.

No real Money is Involved.


Shorted 100* Voltas @ 240.3, exited @ 239.2
= 125₹ - tax


It’s Rs.1110/- right?


Keep an eye on BAJAJ Auto nov fut. Today give a good buying opportunity.


Captured small movement in Nifty fut today. Sell 10256, buy 10240.

There were many opportunities today and yesterday with such good movement in the market. i wanted to play it safe, complete trades before entering office.

Was expecting nifty to touch 10200, mostly because of huge OI built at this price. Now i am bullish overall, on a 7 to 15-day range. Might touch 10150 tomorrow, but i think less chances of reaching 10000. Lets see how everything goes. Bought a next-month fut, for the first time.


I bought nov fut at 10232.4
Expecting 220 points in favour of me before expiry


Nov fut movement looked very sticky today. It looked like it was moving just enough on the downside to catchup with nifty, but almost never more. There were even moments when the index moved down by 0.5 and fut caught like 10sec later.

Not sure if its reading too much into the lines, but just a observation.


Oops typo mistake. Sorry. Fixed


I mean without money…:grin::grin:


Perfect Bro. All the best…


Today I lost some amount but happy that I started using BO and Exit my trades automatically once they were in opposite direction. This is giving me better confidence to take trades without issue of loss Aversion.

@spaceship @Lets_Invest I exit the last days positions in market opening and thanks for your advice. I would have lost more if I hold those positions for today.


This is Good Keep Learning and Earning.


Sold Nifty Nov future at 10250 for swing trade.
Bought Navinflourine and Avantifeed in cash market for positional trade.


Sgx nifty below 10200. Looking good for you. :grinning:


SGX Nifty

The Nifty50 futures on the Singapore Stock Exchange were trading 31.5 points lower at 10196 indicating a negative opening for the domestic market.


Gap up opening in Divi’s Laboratories Ltd…

We had earlier informed the Exchanges vide our letter of 2nd November, 2017 that the US-FDA will be lifting the Import Alert 66-40 imposed on the company’s Unit-II at Visakhapatnam.

The FDA’s website has now been updated on 14th November, 2017 and the Import Alert 66-40 on the company’s Unit-II has been removed.