Weekly trading diary: November Week 3, Profit/Loss for 13 Nov - 17 Nov 2017


This Question was for me?


Tomorrow lets see what’s in store. I am not worried to lose half of my profits in a single trade gone wrong. I will bet 10 lots. I have already maintained healthy margin for tomorrow. I want to play BIG.
If you think 10 lots is BIG then you are wrong.

I have had friends who used to trade 20 lots at anytime. One of my ex colleague traded nifty & bank nifty in even bigger quantity. He used to maintain 50 Lacs in his trading account & with 1 point nifty movement, his position would fluctuate 2Lacs rupees plus minus. Yes bigger trades put emotional distress if you end up getting on wrong side.


Without This much funds. I can make 1 Lakh from Market in Just One day. All I need is Around 80k.

Unfortunately I don’t have This much Funds.


Yes bro…:yum::hugs:.
If you have explained earlier sorry I didn’t check that.


It depends how much leverage you are using. Making 1lacs out of 80K is possible in intraday but you just cant think one sided. If you can make 1L then you may also lose all the money.

For 80K , even a 20 times leverage is enough to get you 1L sufficiently at 6 - 7 % movement. And if leverage is 27X then even easier, if leverage is 40X then just 2.5% movement needed.

But it puts big mental, emotional, psychological pressure.


No, Rocket Science.
I select the Volatile Stock from NSE website.
Indicators don’t play any major Role during Intraday.
Indicators help out in Swing Trading to calculate the Entry & Exit.
But, In Intraday it’s you and Your experience and the Price Movement and Little bit of LUCK & God’s grace.


Wish u all the best.
May I kn9w how did u select the picks for trade and choose the entry cretecriteria bro?


Thanks a lot bro… Wish u all the best for your next trade…


Its very easy. Just go with stocks which have action. Like idea was in focus because of news regarding selling tower business. So it resulted in negative sentiment & attracted big volumes. I still got late & regret not entering on time.

Jaypee associates was in news, rcomm in news.

But mind you, dont ever buy or sell a stock whenever it declares results during market hours. Stay away else you will lose 90% of the time.

These days exchanges are not transparent as they used to be many years back. Yes markets are no more transparent now. I feel price movement is controlled by exchanges , many times especially during high volatility when results of a stock are declared.


Anyone can have cardiac arrest if he puts big quantity at stake. If the position goes against you, your stop loss will trigger & a big amount of money would be eroded in few seconds.

Mathematicaly & theoretically , everything seems to be easy but putting 5Lacs and trading with 30x leverage turning into 1.5Cr is no joke.
And trading with 50L x leverage of 30x is something I cant imagine at the moment.

Bigger quantity may result in nervous breakdown or cardiac arrest if one is not habitual ! It can have serious implications.


Thanks for all your suggestions…Wosh u all best for trade.


Thank you very much @Lets_Invest


Shorted 10 lots sunpharma futures @ 530 & squared off at 520

Profit = 8000 x 10 = 80,000 rs. less taxes.

I am done for today. Feeling happy finally! :smile:


nice rig :open_mouth:


Can you please share you analysis, time of trade for this?


Brother I dont do technical analysis unlike majority of people who are obsessed with charts n patterns.
I shorted sun pharma at 530 rs within 5 minutes of market opening. And I was 200% sure it will crash big because of bad results.

What I do is no miracle or rocket science. I dont complicate things with unnecessary technicals which are of no use.

Yes God has been kind to me & I m grateful to him but I take risk. I put my money at stake willing to lose big if I turn out wrong. You have to be quick.




Cool Bro. I suppose you are inching closer to what you believe. You wanted to break your barriers with the small margin profit and you did that today. Kudos. Appreciate the temperament you got !!! Way to go buddy


53000 margin was required right for shorting 1 lot? Is it that you invested around 5 lakhs? Which fetched u a profit of ₹80k

Or you did intraday, and margin was ₹21k . So u invested around 2 lakhs?


Can you share order book. It’s help us. Need entry and exit time.