We're building a TradingView alternative. What are your pain points with TradingView and what improvements and new features would you like to see?

So I figure a bunch of peple here use tradingview so I’m trying to do a bit of market research. Over at ChartStar.com we’re busy behind the scenes building our realtime charting software and soon we’ll be getting ready to launch our free early access beta. We’re now at the stage we’re looking for enhancements and features that will take us to the next level.

TradingView is an obvious popular choice for charting and we’ve worked extremely hard to give our own creative, unique slant on price charting… with that said we’d appreciate feedback from seasoned traders who use TradingView:

  • What are your pain points and struggles with TradingView?

  • What improvements and new features are on your wish-list for TradingView?

Any other comments or ideas are appreciated, as we’ll be taking feedback on board as features to implement.


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First i would like to ask you

What is so special about your charting software that will make me ditch free version of tradingview that comes with nice interface and so many custom built indicators, for paid version of yours


Trading view is only web based, if can get desktop app like it that will be great.

Your Chartstar.com shows that you are building charting tools for "Crypto currencies " Trading in crypto currencies is illegal or not support by the Government in India. ,So what is the purpose of building it or are you trying to market crypto currencies trading platform?

That’s a fair observation.

Initially we are focused on cryptocurrencies for our launch but we are already building tooling and support for Forex and stocks as well. We have partnerships with cryptocurrency companies so it makes sense for us to start in this direction and additionally costs will be lower.

  1. ChartStar will offer a freemium membership model, so just like TradingView there will also be a free version alongside the paid version. We plan to make our free version more competitive that TradingView with more included indicators and other features such as multi-charts bundled in the free version as standard.

  2. We are going to have a heavy focus on “volumetric” based trading tools, with an emphasis on orderbook heatmaps, something that doesn’t have much love on TradingView.

  3. Superior back testing ability.

  4. We plan to have a bunch of features that we haven’t seen on any other price charting platform to further differentiate us from the competition.

Also, this is part of the reason why we are conducting market research to get a feel for what people believe TradingView is lacking.


Volume profile for Nifty and banknifty futures

Tradig view harts can be used in mobile also…Open the chart in your google chrome…then vlick on right top drop down and select ADD TO HOMESCREEN…then u can use it like an app…

I dont see volume charts in trading view. normal one has volume charts .

@TIMEFRAME the ban has been lifted recenlty around 15 days back by supreame court on trading crypto which was imposed by RBI.

Yes correct , but RBI & Government is not making any facility to trade , RBI never said it is legal , Supreme court only lifted the trading ban and not said it is legal and also none of the Banks are supporting it , Probably government comes with some ordinance,

Library access to developers like highcharts.

Please give free data… Atleast EOD :slight_smile:

That is my only demand…

Only crypto is a let down. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my trading style I don’t need any software , no need algo , no need tick by tick data, no need trading view, no need indicator , no need news , no need volume profile , no need pine script

I need only sensibull and kite that’s enough
Yearly return 50% to 65% , 5+ years consistently making this percentage , I am happy with this as Full time trader

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Yes in Tradingview site with live quotes (free membership) I have my prefered 3 developers scripts from the public library on the charts which makes trading easy. But in Zerodha trading view charts,only indicators are there & no access to Trading view’s extensive free developer public library . Iam surprised free streaming Trading view charts is quite robust. in Kite I like the volume chart + profile . So I rather use Trading view charts in their web site in Firefox & use kite in Chrome for trading

I just tried tradingview and could not find NIFTY FUTURES available in it for charting. What am I doing wrong? Please guide me.

Trading view does not have nifty future data… I heard they will be coming out with futures as well as options data soon.

Probably the guys who are building alternative-for-trading view should try to provide future data down to 1minute time frame and also options data… such as open interest and volume


Trading Ban has been lifted by Supreme Court

It should be Desktop based with API Access

In Tradingview site (even free membership),Both NIFTY & BankNIfty spot index is live streaming& works well in 1 min charts s (Futures may trade at a premium over spot or at a discount depending on bullish or bearish view closer to the expiry)
You can watch 1min chart spot nifty & banknifty in trading view site (with your choice 3 free version developer scripts ,colured bars etc)& even scalp in ATM call/put options (I mean 10-15 points). You can watch Futures+ option in volume chart with profile in Kite native chart(not trading view).