What are DP charges and why are they charged?

I believe it is deliberately done to market “zerodha” as a discount brokerage. Else your popularity will do down. Hide something which is already hidden or unknown to many of us.

So much moaning! Dude, it’s there on your application form as well as on the website!

Its there I checked it but usually people like us do not read each and every line and the third party agent ask your signature at given places. It also being asked by zerodha for a prefilled application form duly signed and submitted to office which I believed most of us did it. But they are unaware of these transaction charges and they come to know when it is being charged.

I noticed one more thing it is being said to charge 8 + 5.5 (cdsl) = 13.5. It is then multiplied by 1.18 to get a proper DP charges as 15.93. But the point is cdsl charges are standard and inclusive of GST then why to charge on something where the GST is already paid and charging an additional 0.99 per instruction to your customer.

And whose fault is that. Why blame others for your inability to read things? You guys had no problem with anything when traditional brokers were charging % based brokerage and DP charges of up to Rs 50. But all of a sudden everyone has a problem when a broker is being transparent.

Where did you see that the CDSL charge is inclusive of GST?

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Fault - The broker will direct to their customer fault or they will say before opening account you should have read it these are my terms and conditions. If do not accept their Terms then your account cannot be opened. Going by your thought customers cannot raise their concerns. If zerodha is so open then they should come up upfront with the DP charges as * indicating in contract note or when doing a Sell Transaction. Its their platform they know how to present.

Really, zerodha is transparent, I doubt it, maybe you are an employee or zerodha or trader who earned a lot of profit from them by using their platform. When someone takes POA on your behalf then it raises doubts, they can do whatever they want.

Raising concerns are not problems but it seems that you are seeing every points as a problem.

CDSL are standard charges, why to take GST on that charge. Is zerodha giving 0.99 rupees back to CDSL, I believe no they are earning this cost from their customer and not giving back to CDSL. This is cheating.

This clearly shows how much you know. No point in debating the likes of you. Enjoy.

Thanks for your inputs and information. Even I am not interested to discuss with Idiots likes you who have biased point of view and do not have an open mind.

I have ques…if I buy 10 shares today of scrip a and 10 share of scrip a again any other day…how will do charges be like…will I be charged dp charges 2 times because I bought same scrip 2 times or only one time…

@Harshita_Jangid : there is no DP charge when you purchase the share means credit to your account . you will be charged only on selling which is removal from your demat based on per entry . if you sell 10 share today and 10 share any other day ,dp charges will be for 2 entries.

It means that if I buy 20 share of reliance tomorrow…another 20 shares of reliance a week later…if i sell all 40 shares of reliance on same day…what will be dp charges…I’m using zerodha…they charge 13.5 dp charges…will it be 13.5 rs or 13.5+13.5=27rs…I’m confused…plz explain…

since you sold all on one day ,DP charges will be 13.5 rs only as per your example which is per entry. there will not be any DP charges on purchase.

Thnks…I understood it clearly now…

Are Depository charges for each company shares debit on selling CNC shares or they are charged only once for any number of companies?

For example I sell 10 shares of ITC, 1 share of INFY, 4 shares of IGL on 1st November. Will I be charged DP charges 3 times or only once?

Thanks. I am new to trading so want to clarify.

@Gaurav_Chandra : 3 times based on 3 ISIN .


I still have one doubt. If I have 10 ITC shares and I plan to sell all today but 5 shares at 200 and rest 5 at 210 rupees. Will it be counted as 2 orders and Dp charges levied twice ?

If yes, It’s better to sell all 20 shares today in one order than segregating them in 2 orders of 10-10. Please reply asap.

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DP charges are charged once per scrip on one day irrespective of the quantity sold. If you sell ITC shares from your holdings 5+5 or 5+2+3 irrespective of the number of executed orders, the charges remains the same since the trade has happened under one scrip.


DP (Depository participant) charges

₹13.5 + GST per scrip (irrespective of quantity), on the day, is debited from the trading account when stocks are sold. This is charged by the depository (CDSL) and depository participant (Zerodha).

Suppose I have 5000 qty of Nifty Bees.
If I sold the full quantity of 5000 on a particular day, then what would be DP (Depository participant) charges applicable.

Whether the DP (Depository participant) charges would be 5000 x 13.5 = Rs. 67,500 + GST per scrip


Whether the DP (Depository participant) charges would be only 13.5 + GST per script

Awaiting your prompt response

For Liquid bees/ETF the DP charge is 8+GST and not 13.5+GST and it ll be charged per scrip. So it ll be 8+GST per scrip irrespective of the quantity.

Thank you very much abhishek.vg

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