What are DP charges and why are they charged?


DP charges are demat charges for delivery based sales transactions. They are the depository participant`s charges for providing the services of depository.


DP charges are the depository participant`s charges for the services provided by them, and it would differ from DP to DP.
With Zerodha the charges are below:
IL&FS Charges - Rs.8/-
NSDL Charges - Rs.4.50/-
Total DP Charges are Rs.14/-(12.50+service tax)

When you sell the stock from your Holdings it need to be debit from your Demat account.
So when ever the stock debited from your demat account there would be DP Charges of Rs.14/-.


DP charges include Depository charges and Depository Participant (DP) charges. The Depositories are NSDL & CDSL and Depository participants are members of Depositories with whom you open your demat account (Eg: IL&FS). DP charges are applicable whenever you sell any shares from your demat account. This charge is a source of revenue to the Depositories & its participants. Similar to how Exchanges charge Transaction fee, Brokers charge brokerage, Depositories & DP’s charge DP charge.

NSDL charges a depository fee of Rs.4.50 per debit transaction. The Participant charge would vary depending on where you’ve opened your demat account but is normally a flat fee per sale transaction.


https://zerodha.com/charges says DP charges as Rs.13.5 per scrip per day(irrespective of quantity).

So, is it
DP charge per scrip = (No of days that scrip is held in account) * (Rs.13.5) ?

What is the DP charge if i

  1. Bought and held 100 stocks Scrip A for 30 days?
  2. Bought and held 200 stocks Scrip B for 30 days?
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Having it reworded to

₹13.5 per scrip the day(irrespective of quantity) it is debited from demat account when stocks are sold. ₹5.5 per MF (irrespective of quantity) the day it is debited from demat on redemption. Charged by depository (CDSL) and depository participant (Zerodha)

  1. No DP Charge
  2. No DP charge

DP charge is applicable only on the day it is sold. Rs 13.5 irrespective of the quantity per scrip.

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1a). Ok. So, DP charges levied only when the stocks in demat account are sold and is irrespective of quantity.
Selling 100 stocks of scrip A after 30 days from DEMAT account is no different from selling 200 stocks of Scrip B after 60days from DEMAT account as far as DP charges are concerned (Both attracts same DP charge of Rs.13.5). Right?

1b). Is there any DP charges for positional long/short calls in Futures & Options

2). Similarly for MF, number of days a MF is held in DEMAT as no effect on DP charges.

1 a. Yes
1 b. No, only for stocks in your demat when sold.
2. Yes

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What is the DP charges for LiquidBEES selling? Is it same as normal stocks?

DP -depository participant. For more information https://zerodha.com/charges

What is dp charges… This charges 2 time deduct from my equity a.c in a one month…

Hi, I’m new to trading and DP charges are being deducted from my demat account even without making any selling of stocks operations. Would someone please enlighten me on this activity??

Thanks in advance.

As You mentioned you have not done any selling of Stocks Operations.
I am not sure then why you have been charged DP charges.

For Information on Account specific you can drop a mail at [email protected]

Check your ledger in back office, in zerodha brokerage calculator you will find Rs13.5 as demat charges but in your ledger you will find for each transaction Rs14.75 is charged as demat charges.

i need to know wt is the depository charge means and wt is the amount which is charged and will this amount depend on the number of quantity of shares i have ?? and i wound also like to know what is the time duration taken for a stock to move from a trading account to DEM AT account and if i sell the stock before it moves to DEM AT account will i be charged with DP charges ??

I observe that there is DP charge of Rs. 15.93 in my ledger, everytime shares are sold in equity cash segment. Can anyone enlighten me how this figure of Rs.15.93 is arrived at?

That is the charge for holding shares in dp account.Depository participants.

What is difference between DP charges (₹13) on seling holding stocks and Brokerage charges (zero) for delivery?

@nithin why note write “*Above calculator does not include stamp duty and dp charges. Check below for state wise stamp duty. All charges explained.” in a more smaller font? You should highlight this in your brokerage calculator as well.

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Stamp duty in a lot of states is for a total contract note and not a % value of the trade. So it is impossible to show stamp duty correctly for those states on the brokerage calculator. Hence we give an option to simulate a contract note.