What are your top wishlist from the stock brokers?

What are your top Wishlist from the stock brokers in their trading platforms or brokerage service in general?

May be this would help the brokers to provide these. Hope upstox, ICICI Direct and Zerodha will pay attention to these and compete to provide.

These can be low hanging fruits, eliminating pain points, awesome new shiny features.

I hope this thread won’t be unlisted for some surprise and unknown reasons :slight_smile:


Some from my end would be:

  1. Not having to login frequently due to time out (ICICI direct has this issue)
  2. Poor contrast between of text in Zerodha kite. It is a shame that there is not even an option in settings to opt for better contrast or to bold the textual display in Kite.
  3. Off market Orders don’t default to AMO order on zerodha Kite
  4. Zerodha Kite does not accept orders from 9:07 am to 9:15 am. This may be a restriction from exchange. But, should we not be able to place an offline order during this time that should get executed at 9:15? How Upstox and ICICI Direct etc are handling this?
  5. Most important feature not supported by most of the brokers is : not displaying CAGR for the stocks in the portfolio. They are showing CAGR for MFs. But, not for the stocks. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  1. I wish Zerodha introduces a virtual trading mode, where we can do paper trading. Forward trade option strategies or other strategies. A feel of live order placement (especially for intraday traders/scalpers) in the broker that you will use is very important. Fast order placement without emotions takes a lot of practice if you are not an algo trader. They can charge a small fee for this feature if they wish to.
  2. I wish they introduce trading from the charts in Tradingview chart option just like Fyers. It’s easier to trail your stop loss in that case.
  3. For HDFC securities & ICICI securities, I would like to see a sea change in the user interface. Maybe they can take a leaf out of Zerodha’s book. One of the big reasons I remained a swing trader when I was young and never ventured into intraday trading or options trading is the irritating interface of HDFC securities. Was that a blessing in disguise? Maybe. But not what is expected from such big established brokers.

Free APIs and paper trading interface would be on my wishlist.

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Fyers provides free api. Wishlist granted.

how about the Fyers backoffice…is it as good as zerodha console ?

I am yet to face any issues with trade execution, or order modification.

BO works seemleasly.

The desktop platform works well, and they support multi logins multiple devices for one account.

And yeh, they refund brokerage, now limit to 5k, under 30 days challenge. And if you win in rows, you are featured in their YouTube channel.

What more can I ask?

And tradingview works just like the real one. Like trade from charts and layout. For people who are just mad for trading view.

And I noticed price printed on bars is accurate as per the tape in fyers. Zerodha s bar is off by few prices, though post market it adjust.

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K Thanks @Celina

Low brokerage xost

More from my side:

  1. Ability to order IPO anytime of the day. Zerodha does not support this. But, ICICI direct does !
  2. Multiple price and qty orders for the same scrip in a single order/transaction/order page. For ex:
    ITC - buy - 10 qty - at 206.
    - 20 qty at 199
    - 30 Qty at 191
  3. consistent menu options. When you click on a stock symbol, we need to be able to have all options like buy, sell, alert, add to watch list, exit, etc. no matter which page you are on - positions, holdings, watchlist etc. Users should not have to remember ‘oh, buy option is not there because we are on ‘Day’s history’ section of Positions page in Kite !!’ !

Already (1 year ago) requested Zerodha to create software like TradeTiger. But, they are ignoring it.

Unlimited trading plan.

As an option seller, When we start taking some positions in Bank nifty options, market moves violently. To manage the positions we are also adjusting/moving the strike prices. At the end of the day, 30 to 40 percent of the profit is going as brokerages and charges. Of course this is the revenue for the discount brokerage firms, but we need to have high breakeven to overcome these brokerages. If we are having any unlimited trading plans, it will be very useful and can make profit with lower breakeven.


With FINVASIA you can trade with zero brokerage.

Thanks for your info. But how they can survive with no brokerage model. Is it safe

When you send a whatsapp message to some one do you pay facebook / meta ? When you send a Gmail to some one do you pay google ? They make money via other sources.

Exchanges pay every broker a volume incentive if the volume of the broker goes over certain benchmarks. This is one source of revenue for Finvasia. Also while for the retail segment the brokerage is zero and platform fee is zero they seem to make money via products and services focused on institutional investors including FPI. Finvasia has been around for a while and I have an account with them. Never had any trust issues with them.

At the simplest level its just bytes of data flowing between your PC / Mobile and Exchange via the broker. We can send / accept the data straight from the exchange as well. Technology is not the barrier here. Its just that the exchange currently allows to place trades only via a member of the exchange (the stock broker for us the retail).
I won’t be surprised if a day comes when stock brokers cease to exist.


Thank You!!! Will explore the option…

Don’t merge to fyers. I am having dificulties merging to fyers. Now trying to shift again to zerodha. Fyers terminal is very slow responsive. Most of the time hangs.

extremely happy to see that there are brokers who are offering zero brokerage on all products. there are many strategies with 99% probability in options but i can’t place them because profit is below 1% and brokerage eats most of the profit. sadly i have accounts with both 0dha and upstox. i also wanted to open account with ind money because they are offering us stock investing but i have small capital and it is not feasible to me. there is no one stop solution to our all need

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Used it 15 years ago… It was amazing