What does unlisted mean on this forum postings?

What does unlisted mean or what happens when a post is unlisted ?
Why some posts are getting unlisted?


A Forum Thread gets unlisted when the Moderator hides that particular thread from public view on the Forum.

When a Thread is unlisted by the moderator, forum members are not able to view the thread on the Forum and the thread does not appear on search results (both internal and external search engines).

An unlisted Thread is still accessible, if you have the direct URL link to that particular thread.

A Thread / Forum Post gets unlisted, may be because they are spam, topic is out of context, indirect advertisement, repeated topic or defamatory.

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I differ from you bro @prakash1975 a few days back, i had started a thread to list all the necessary changes we traders want to be incorporated in kite. Just moments after i saw the thread being unlisted. it was not defamatory or repeated. The team recently has become hesitant to listen to any of our concern.

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This is not just with one Organisation, this is happening with almost all kinds of organisational structure around the world. Irrespective of the enterprise being big or small.

What I find is. Individual concerns and requirements are no more a priority for organisations. Better to be practical and not waste your own time making such requests.

Make best use of what is already available or find a way around what is already available. Avoids disappointments of being ignored or neglected.

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Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people. - George Bernard Shaw.

@prakash1975 I think you are blessed with very practical way of thinking but some of us are not. You are making zerodha’s job easy by sort of justifying & supporting them. I also disagree with you though it’s convenient not to fight but accept.

That said let us now try to raise zerodha issues outside & away from tradingqna.
On YouTube, Twitter, on other forums like trader Joe’s etc.

I am big fan of zerodha & I still use it. But, can’t live with the issues frustrating me.


I completely agree with you bro. I had raised some issues to the zerodha team and moments after i saw the threads unlisted. Very much unprofessional.


By the way,
Shouldn’t moderators give clear explanation with a comment why a thread is unlisted?

This ain’t no democratic platform bro, I don’t think anyone owes anyone any explanation. I’m here just for the fun

That’s wrong on Moderators’ part - The Threads should not be Unlisted just like that.

As the Dashboard is NOT SHOWING CORRECT ACCOUNT VALUE, I created the following Thread: Incorrect Account Value in Console Dashboard

But it was simply unlisted by @Meher_Smaran even when the issue was not resolved. That’s not professional. There may be other people who are facing the same Issue with Zerodha Kite/Console App.