What feature would you like to see in Kite 4.0 - a note for the zerodha founders


Group stocks under portfolio and able to give it some title.

  1. Valid till cancel (VTC) order type implementation on Kite trading Platform ( competitor ICICI direct is having it from long time)
  2. SWP and STP facility on Coin MF Platform.
  3. Equity SIP facility … almost every other broker is having this
  4. Instant SMS /EMAIL Price Alerts on kite trading platform ( should be part of Zerodha platform and not through other route like sentinel n all)
  5. User Defined Grouping of securities held under portfolio
    6)Margin Funding facility ( competitor SAMCO / ICICI direct are way ahead on this front)

Request like Valid till cancel order type are requested by many user since 2014-2015 …


dark mode completely
stoploss target price on chart and able to modify it on chart
previous day close and open and high and low price on chart
provide screeners in kite also


FEATURE REQUEST: Corporate actions on charts is something you should think about implementing. That’d be awesome. Fyers has it and Upstox rolled it out in beta. @siva @nithin


Not sure if someone else requested but please add charts with yearly timeframe which is being missing in kite .


Should be able to search stocks directly from Charts.
Currently, stocks need to be added to the watchlist, and only then those charts can be opened.


I would like to view OpenInterest, PCR on chart, may available OI for both PE & CE as line different selection enable for weekly , monthly and all.
Very useful for traders.


@siva, When is this coming out?


Which one?


Kite 4 @siva


We are yet to release kite3 app out, anyhow some interesting features and products are lined up for coming months.


Okay. That’s cool. Products? Any hint? @siva


I would like to add OI & PCR as an indicators on chart.
Compare to 2 option prices plotting on future chart is an added advantage.


I’d like to be able to ‘create and maintain multiple stock portfolios’ in Kite.

This feature can be a big differentiator and of huge value to customers.


Hey. Kite as a product is very very basic, just limited watchlists and charts. No market stats or any kind of extensive data. If you’re only willing to focus on execution only, why don’t you create an interface like ThinkorSwim. I think, they are pretty great in terms of what design could be. Even Upstox has a better interface than yours, Kite is very immature now. Somehow it does not feel good, the charts are a square box when it should be in a rectangle layout.


@itsadam! :joy: Man you are complaining about kite! Post was a note to make it better. You complain a lot, and writing about upstox, if upstox is good. You’re happy to use it.

Soon there will be a day where others will shut down infront of kite!


My comment is constructive and all about to make Kite better. Yes, I’m happy to use Upstox… Also, about my complain, it isn’t a complain but a constructive criticism. Besides, it also shows your poor taste in design. If charts were rectangular, more time series will fit without having to sacrifice price data. Well, Kite is still far behind than other, far far behind. No trading from charts, no 1-click trades, no reverse position, no typing in ticker in charts directly and it’ll load. You’re happy with it? Great. Kids will play with toys. :joy:


@itsadam lol! You need a Monitor which is rectangular! Oh yeah my taste is very poor!


Oh! A rectangular monitor? Last time I checked, monitors were rectangular only. Maybe, you use an old-school 2005 square one which is why you aren’t aware. LOL.


Also, I’m happy that you’ve finally accepted that you taste in design is poor. Finally, something we agree on.