What feature would you like to see in Kite 4.0 - a note for the zerodha founders


Group stocks under portfolio and able to give it some title.

  1. Valid till cancel (VTC) order type implementation on Kite trading Platform ( competitor ICICI direct is having it from long time)
  2. SWP and STP facility on Coin MF Platform.
  3. Equity SIP facility … almost every other broker is having this
  4. Instant SMS /EMAIL Price Alerts on kite trading platform ( should be part of Zerodha platform and not through other route like sentinel n all)
  5. User Defined Grouping of securities held under portfolio
    6)Margin Funding facility ( competitor SAMCO / ICICI direct are way ahead on this front)

Request like Valid till cancel order type are requested by many user since 2014-2015 …


dark mode completely
stoploss target price on chart and able to modify it on chart
previous day close and open and high and low price on chart
provide screeners in kite also


FEATURE REQUEST: Corporate actions on charts is something you should think about implementing. That’d be awesome. Fyers has it and Upstox rolled it out in beta. @siva @nithin


Not sure if someone else requested but please add charts with yearly timeframe which is being missing in kite .


Should be able to search stocks directly from Charts.
Currently, stocks need to be added to the watchlist, and only then those charts can be opened.