What happen if i Short then place a Buy order on same script with different quantities?

Case1: Let, Firstly i am Short on SBIN with quantity of 10, now i place a Buy order with quantity of 50.
what happen in the above case1?

Case2:Let, Firstly i am Short on SBIN with quantity of 10, now i place a Buy order with quantity of 10.
what happen in the above case2?
Both orders will cancel each other or placed as different orders?

If the buy order executes, then your sell qty of 10 will be bought back and you will have a new buy position with 40 qty.

You sell qty of 10 will be bought back and your position will be closed.

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Thank U @Srinivas
Is there any way to place as different orders?

Why do you want to place it as different orders?

Which order not benefit i will exit that order first , in case of other order i will wait for maximum profits.

@Arun9999 Use Diffrent Orders Types.
Like, CNC,MIS,BO,CO. I know What you are Trying to do.

TQ @Lets_Invest
For which type(CNC,MIS,BO,CO) of order my charges as well as taxes are minimized if i do intraday trading?

If you really wanna do this.
For Intraday Use Bracket Order & Cover Order.

Example:- For same Script
Place buy order using BO.
Place Sell order using CO

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All charges always same.
My sincere advice… don’t trade without learning.
You clearly lack even basics of Trading

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If i place a BO as well as CO, order execute as parts (ie if i place BUY order of 100 quantity, some time it exe as parts like 30qty,25qty,45aty)it casues to pay high brokerage.

TQ Sir @maddy_Des
I am still in learning stage, i am analysing different cases. Till now i don’t have trading account. Learning with questioning experianced people like U. Thank u for quick responses and Sharing knowledge.

Do you really want to do this? Be a trader or investor?

I am learning to become a trader, it will take few more days.

And how are you learning? What are your sources? What methodology? ANswer in details please

:slight_smile: It took me like 10 months to even try my first trade.
I used to say same things…few more days

learning from https://zerodha.com/varsity/ and moneycontrol as well as different online sources

elaborate more on this.
I may add few points for you

firstly, i have learned different order types-Limit , Market, SL, SL-M, BO, CO
Analysing different Case studies on these order types.
learning how to use different options and tool on Zerodha Kite,

So you are still on technical parts then.
Way to go for you.
Let me tell you my own personal experience.

  1. Technicals are easy if you learn actual trading first.
  2. varsity, moneycontrol, books etc are like theory parts. they are required but are of no use in practical terms.
  3. I wasted my 3-4 months learning all this in vain.
    I have a better technique. Its free of cost…
    Just tell me if you are interested.

I am trying to learn these basics first, planing to learn TA, FA , Different Charts, Strategies and while doing Limit order with less quantities.