What happened to Nickel Mini contracts


I am unable to find Nickel Mini contracts in Market watch. And their margins are also not listed in zerodha margin calculator.

Has Nickel Mini contracts stopped trading?

Ranjit George

Yes Nickel mini is delisted from MCX exchange. You can refer the below circular.

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Thank you Ragavendran for the update.

Is MCX standardising contracts means minimum contract value like stock markets following minimum 5 lacs for futures contract ?

I read Copper mini also removed and increased the lot size for Copper contract and now they removed Nickel mini.

Exchange is introducing physical delivery in Copper and Nickel.So they adjusted the lot size to deliverable lot size and they have taken out Copper mini and Nickel mini.

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Now SEBI is the market regulator for commodities , so SEBI & its member turned their eyes to commodities and slowly closing the trading opportunists for retail traders, after Index & stock FNO , now its the turn of commodities in other words SEBI & Its member wants to kick out retail traders from in any form of Futures & Options trading.


MCX introduced Aluminium, Zinc & Lead mini deliverable contracts

Crude Oil Mini also not available from December 18

Sebi taking such actions without consulting stakeholders. MCX volumes will decrease by around 3000 cr per day. Worldwide exchanges are launching mini contracts and here our bureaucrat controlled Sebi banning them

I’ve created a petetion at change.org asking sebi to bring back mini lots in all futures. Please support and and share it to reach maximum traders. Together we can do this for our better future - https://www.change.org/p/sebi-bring-back-mini-lots-in-futures-trading