What has gotten into SEBI?

I will not stop preaching sir.
If you don’t like it ,you can quit this forum.
And I did not get kicked out of any thread.i leave by my own choice.

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I talked to some guys in US and they say, their brokers ask some questionnaire and after clients answering them they are good to go for derivatives trading. No other restrictions !!!

Also please read this wonderful article http://www.business-standard.com/article/opinion/susan-thomas-retail-trade-in-derivatives-is-there-really-a-problem-114081700654_1.html @trader_dude especially you.

And just why do u think they have made it easy for them to trade on leverage. It’s in their best interest to do so.

Article is fine,but nothing wonderful about it.

Look buddy,it’s your money.if u want to gamble I can’t stop. Go ahead and gamble recklessly. It’s good for institutions ,the brokers govt and institutions will be very happy.

It talks sense isnt it ?

Yep, there you have it again !.. TRADING = GAMBLING !
EDIT: preach preach preach !!!

Can’t say if it makes any sense.

Yes, ur correct in saying
trading = gambling.


Dude, if you want to discuss if trading is gambling or not, start another thread. Not here please. Dont divert attention from SEBI issue in this thread. I hope you understand the basic rules of how a discussion is conducted in a forum like this. I told you the same in my previous post, still you started the gambling rant again. I cant be anymore clearer than this !

don’t tell me what or how to behave on forums.completely uncalled for.

If u don’t like my comments.ignore me. It’s that simple.

And yes trading is gambling whether u like it or not.

And sebi is doing the right thing.

End of discussion.

I started this thread to discuss about SEBI and its mindless rules, not about discussing moral/philosophical questions. Even after repeatedly requesting you, you are adamant about contaminating this thread. Thats totally and absolutely uncalled for !!! BTW if you are so interested in ranting about trading and gambling why are you not starting your own thread. What right do you have to come to my thread and disturb the on going discussions ??? Dont you understand this much ??? Dont you have this much manners at least ?
Oh god ! Now this thread is becoming a thread about how to conduct a forum discussion.
Now take some more sense. YES SEBI IS DOING THE RIGHT THING …

If you are too lazy to start your own thread I will start it for you dont worry.Come over !

@p699 @trader_dude guys please stop arguing. let’s discuss something productive.

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if you want people to agree to your views , you should open a private forum and allow only those people who agree with you.

like i said you are always free to ignore me and my views,but you cannot open a public thread and say stop disturbing my thread, just because i dont agree with your views. This is just ridiculous.
So yes its you who must understand how public forums work.

I m completely within my right to come to your thread and give my views. you can choose to answer or ignore. I m not forcing you to answer me.

BTW there is no need to open a discussion on whether trading is gambling or not. Trading is gambling , there is no argument in that.

I have challenged many to prove otherwise ,all ran away from forums.

Prove to me that trading is not gambling.

SEBI’s board meeting…

"To reflect global initiatives on product suitability, a framework has been approved. Individual investors may freely take exposure in the market(cash and derivatives) upto a computed exposure based on their disclosed income as per their Income Tax Return(ITR) over a period of time. For exposure beyond the computed exposure, the intermediary would be required to undertake rigorous due diligence and take appropriate documentation from the investor. "

Read more at:

Again, why and how income should be related to the exposure? What about someone retired with no income?
Why is sebi thinking of overly regulating to the extent that it is getting into the individual’s right to trade? Something that doesn’t sound very logical.
In any case the exposure is limited to the margin money available with the broker.


This move by sebi is ridiculous. It sounds that sebi board is now completely under political and large conglomerates control. Sebi employees are prohibited from rainy trading and they can only invest in mutual funds as per sebi employees regulations. Do you think these employees of sebi have even read jack Schwager, George soros, etc…
Sounds like they are realizing the potential of f&o by seeing the middle class making huge money suddenly. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala would have never been this if he would have not traded f&o on leverage…
What is the issue with sebi? They are just trying to garb the real intentions behind this move by saying they want to protect retail investors… This is all made up… Trading is becoming accessible and people in india are improving everyday… But, middle class people reading about trend following, crossover, etc is not acceptable to our kings in power…
So they want to take away all means of creating wealth from middle class’s hands… Sebi needs to understand that speculation is necessary, leverage is necessary for retail… And what risks are they talking about?
Sudden loss in liquidity and no buyer or seller for your commodities / options / futures and retail can’t afford taking delivery… This is illogical… It doesn’t happen this way… Moreover, we have a margin to maintain with broker… Automatic squaring off also happens… Hedge fund managers trade in f&o… They don’t take delivery… And if that is the threat sebi is worried about, well it is seriously overthinking now… Liquidity can decrease, but it cannot vanish…and retail traders do know what stop losses are… They know what hedging is… They know what risk management is!! So stop being so nice to them…
Sebi should track the way prices of stocks are manipulated everyday… How vakrangee is having upper circuit /lower circuit at its whims and fancies… Why gitanjali gems be allowed to fall like that? Were sebi mechanism not efficient enough to catch a fraud before?
Do you think sebi’s disclosure requirement for public companies are sufficient to give a correct view to a retail investor? Definitely no… The language of all that is so vague that it makes no sense to a retail investor… Sebi needs to understand that Indian retail are not that dumb as it thinks it to be…
Moreover, half of the facts feeded to people are wrong… It is not correct that 90% traders lose money… This is all made up… Indian traders league gave the analysis that 55% of their retail traders have made profits… Truth is sebi and all bureaucrats are fearful of middle class’s guy taking power and so they want to make sure no source is provided to a retail trader which can turn him into a powerful being…



Shouldn’t us retail investors rally against this decision?

why you people are not infront of SEBI. I m not seeing anything in news about retail traders protesting.

Look at the CBSE students, learn how to protest from them.

@p699 what do you think? will such a regulation pass? with such outrage among the trader community can sebi kill a segment all together?

My thinking is, even if they pass, they will revert back after some time. Because volumes will fall and exchanges and brokers will earn less. Some brokers might even shutter their business. Exchanges will lose volumes to SGX or Dubai. Hence, after getting hit, SEBI will revert back I think.

I do think so , SEBI actions " will hurt Option Writers the most " and will have the negative effect , ( basically option writers are HNI’s , in that sense brokers & exchanges profits come down) , SEBI is helping SGX at the cost of Indian stock exchanges , probably HNI’s shift their derivative trading to SGX . Since SGX is offering Nifty E-mini series , if i get a chance to trade on SGX , i will try there :slightly_smiling_face:

By allowing /extending trading hours to , till "midnight " by October month onwards , SEBI & its Board members " has demonstrated once again , they can do most stupid & crazy thing ":stuck_out_tongue::angry::stuck_out_tongue:

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