What Indicators would you like to have on Kite?

We are working on building a few of the popular requested indicators on Kite charts, which are currently unavailable on either Tradingview or Chart IQ charts.

Tell us the indicators you’d like to have on Kite, and like the ones which are already posted on the thread. We will try building the top 5, most liked indicators in this thread.


Volume profile indicator and squeeze momentum indicator by lazy bear


Thanks for reaching us.

  1. Would be great if we have volume profile with value area high, value area low and point of control.

  2. Some charts like renko and range bars does come with volumes and hence vwap is not displayed. If you could add nothing like that :slight_smile:

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Might want to consider adding a field where one cn type a back date (eg14.3.18) in any stock for backtest purpose … dont have to scroll thru 1 min chart till last yr.

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market profile and volume profile with buy and sell color.


Thanks for that…


My request is for the Linear Regression indicator.
Its an in-built indicator in tradingview.com.

It can use with every time frame ( Yearly chart - One minute chart )

Can determine support and resistance.

Helps to find intensity and direction of a trend.

Can easily find trend reversal

It can be use to identify the beginning of a trend by tweaking its count parameter.

Linear Regression is a reliable indicator which gives an exact outlook of the current market condition… Please include it to Kite chart.




Trading view has goto option, I believe that should solve your request anyhow you can give it a try and update here.


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volume profile … with all 3 ranges…


A must have indicator for serious traders.

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Market Profile. first improve your platform


Need boring candle, explosive candle. Volume underlay in new chart of trading view should be separate as sometimes wicks get overlapped with the volume. So it would be better to have separate volume chart underneath.

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Kindly add triangular moving average in trading view charts.

I would like to have Open Interest indicator either directly on the price chart or below the price chart.

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Please add Wavetrend oscillatorby Lazybear & MACD multi-timeframe indicator by Chris Moody. Many thanks for asking !

Very simple indicator

  1. Previous day High, Low, close
  2. Previous weekly candle HLC
  3. Previous month HLC.

Very imp for Decision Point traders.


Can we have MTF in kite?
Will be path breaking.

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Market Profile pls


was going to be exactly my request too.

Market Profile and Volume Profile.


TICK Web app supports other Indicators like :

  1. Open Interest.
  2. PCR.
  3. PCR Volume.
  4. Basis.
  5. Fresh Contracts.
  6. Square Off Contracts.
  7. Rollover.
  8. Cost Of Carry.