What is hte difference between T1 and T2 holdings as mentioned in Q?

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T1 shares are those shares that you’ve bought but the delivery of such shares is pending meaning it hasn’t come to your demat account. T2 shares are shares present in your demat account.

The settlement cycle in India is T+2, meaning, if you buy shares on Monday, those share come to your demat account on Wednesday. When the shares hit your demat account, such holdings are shown under T2, till such time that it hits your demat account, shares appear under T1 holdings.


How to check T1 and T2 holdings these days?

Where can I see those in Q and Kite?

Are they removed or what?

Please explain me

When you buy a stock on T day(trade day), it will come into your Demat account only at the end of T2 day(end of 2nd working day from trade day). So on T1 day(1st working day from trade day) and on T2, the stocks bought on T day will show in T1 quantity. Only at the end of T2 day, it will come into your Demat account and from T3 day onwards it will come into regular quantity.

If a stock is in T1, it will show next to the stock both in Kite holdings and Q holdings.

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Can I sell T1 and T2 shares?

As long as the stocks are not in a trade to trade category, GSM (certain instances), you can.