What is Sentinel?

Sentinel is a platform that allows you to create real-time market alerts. You can create basic alerts based on attributes such as price, trade quantity, volume and open interest. You can also script advanced triggers by using combinations of attributes (including arithmetic) and operators.

You can use Sentinel no matter who your broker is. If you are trading with Zerodha, you can login with Kite if not then, you can signup with either your Google or Facebook account.

Is Sentinel free?
The basic plan of Sentinel will be free forever. The Plus plan is charged at Rs 40 PM and the Pro plan is charged at Rs 160 PM. Sentinel Pro will be free till 30th June 2018. You can check out the pricing page for more.


@nitin @Bhuvan

Could you please check into the possibility of integrating 20 levels order book viewing for stocks and futures into Sentinel.

It could be very useful for traders who wish to pay and use this feature.

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@Bhuvan @nithin
Sentinel attribute should also have Weekly OHLC and Monthly OHLC then it would be complete

Isn’t it redundant ?After all , alerts are also triggered on Streak when specified condition are met ?

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On our list of things to do.

Sentinel is just an alerts platform. Streak is an algo trading platform where you can create your strategies, backtest them and deploy them in a live market.

Fantastic. Thanks,

This could be a breakthrough for us retail traders and first of its kind towards creating an unbiased playing field for all market participants in India.

If you can get this done, this will always be remembered as to Armstrong’s First landing on the Moon.

I believe, only you guys can get this done and make this feature accessible for all retail traders in India.

Best wishes.


Is it possible to make a provision to adjust buy, sell values and to adjust stop loss by just moving a slider on the chart instead of opening the order book and manually adjusting it ?

Useless for me as I am not a trader, but a value Investor. It just a gimmick to lure traders to lose money.


As an investor also one can set their predefined target and stop loss levels and get alert when they are triggered.

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Hi Sentinel team,
First congratulations and thank you for getting this service out. Excellent initiative.

I would like to know if there are any limits on the NUMBER OF ALERTS I can create? Can i have 10,000 alerts in my ACCOUNT?

Also is there any limit on number of notifications we can receive when an alert is triggered?

Thanks a lot.

Check the pricing page to learn more about the plans.

I was little harsh on my comment, my point was we investors don’t fix a target, we buy a company seeing the strength of the company and whether it is available cheap or not. We don’t have a target in mind also there is no concept of stop loss, we believe in margin of safety which will take care when the market mood is blue.


To each his own. If the tool doesn’t suit your style of investing then, it isn’t for you. Not everyone is a value investor like you right. :slight_smile:


Very true Bhuvanesh

Thanks a ton guys, i was desperately waiting for something like this. thank you very much.

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@Bhuvan do I get SMS alerts for my subscription of basic plan?

No SMS service as of now but once started SMS cost will be there, more details on this will be out soon.

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Why not set an alert on the price where you think the stock is available cheap :slight_smile: and avoid checking market on daily basis. It is immensely useful for value investors … if you use it creatively … :wink:


You are right, OK I got at least one reason to use it. So basic plan is sufficient for me.