What is the role of a moderator , what is the criteria for being a moderator and what are the benefits?

what is the role of a moderator , what is the criteria for being a moderator and what are the benefits?

That’s the role of a mod. We don’t have any external moderators. :slight_smile:


Benefits include:

  • Grade Pay: This is given based on the what level of moderator you are.

  • Dearness Allowance (decided every six month in January and July). Paid as a percentage of Basic Pay

  • Zerodha Accommodation. In case Zerodha accommodation is not available or the moderator decides to live in his own house or rented house, he gets House Rent Allowance (HRA) which could be upto 30% of Basic pay.

  • Transport Allowance: Moderator may either get transport facility or they would get transport allowance depending on their level of moderation.

  • Telephone: All moderators are provided telephones at home. They get telephone allowance based on their moderation level and pay.

  • Children Education Allowance: Upto two children @ 1500 per month [Don’t get greedy and make more than 2]

  • Medical: Reimbursement of full medical expenditure for self… [Moderation job isn’t for the faint hearted and hence constant medical checks are required]

  • Pension: 50% of the salary including DA till death of the employee.

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Ok actually i was preparing for an IAS exam, now I have a second thought on that. Can you please suggest some books or resources for the moderator job? I will be indebted forever if you can guide me. I can’t say how much I am thrilled to describe my job to my parents.

This should be a good start - https://www.dummies.com/store/product/Cool-Careers-For-Dummies-3rd-Edition.productCd-0470117745.html

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seems to be a joke

Does that book cover the subject of my dream job of moderator? Because I am not searching for a cool job I am interested more on hot jobs like moderator. Still I am getting goosebumps thinking about moderator job and how my parents will be thrilled by this.

Being a moderator is cool bro.

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