What is your opinion on tech analyst Mr Ashwani Gujral?


Congrats buddy :clap:
Definitely more than 10k now :smile:

Anyway you need to dig your historical trades :lollipop:


I have huge respect for Mr. gujral … Whenever he says go long, I’ll go short and vice versa and out of ten trades I’m profitable in 6 trades …



By seeing his posts in tweeter fb and the way cnbc anchors made him superstar I trusted n took subscription by paying 1.80L for six months n just follwd the calls in just two months he made me unbearable huge loss n nw in v big financial problem things getin v worse he and his team is least bothered abt clients … evn though I mysf was earning btr income in trading made biggest mistk in life by tkin subscription to this knd f ppl … ashwani gujral plz stop ur services trappin ppl with fake posts fooling dem n mkin money idiot this s d lyf ur living beggarman earn in proper way dont play with ppl’s lyf … if regulations is stil alive in India please take action agnst this knd f ppl


Feel sorry for you mate. Its a learning…never put money on such idiots by looking at fake screenshots & tv appearances. lot of people are making quick money with trainings etc & teaching basic indicators. My suggestion…learn basic indicators online…all good stuff available, form your strategy with backtest & you’ll achieve success. It took me 5 years to finally learn from mistakes & turn profitable consistently…