What is your opinion on tech analyst Mr Ashwani Gujral?

I saw some tweets https://twitter.com/Pradeep_Shankar/status/958339885680623616 in which people claimed they started to make in lakhs right after attending a seminar which costs about 50k +GST held by Mr Gujral :slight_smile: Now I am no expert and I am not saying Mr Ashwani Gujral is not genuine but it sounds a bit fishy. What is your opinion?

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Beware of promotional tweets, FB, YouTube, & other similar marketing tactics.

If ashwani gujral or anyone is such a good player, he would not even bother to show up on TV , let leave alone giving tips & earning money by fees.

Maybe these guys are helping out others in a way but there’s no guarantee. Nothing is fool proof.

My opinion is ashwani gujral is above average kind of technical chartist. I don’t follow him or anyone.

He’s an experienced player though. But markets are such wonderful place that masses follow many of such analysts & collective decisions may make the stock move in either direction to some extent bcuz when masses follow, many more n more people too start entering into positions. And what then, like a pyramid scheme those who entered early are the most benefited!

The bigger the analyst, bigger can be the impact. Though analysts don’t hold much of that significance but still at times recommendations of DD Sharma, SP tulsian etc or even Anchor anil singhwi, or T20 stocks recommendations have good impact.


there is a running joke , that if we just play opposite of what he says in the TV , we might make good money :smile:

on a serious note , his views just comes as a very basic trend following to me …

  • if mkt keeps going up , he will give long calls
  • if mkt keeps going down, he will give short calls
  • if mkt consolidates after an upmove , he will advise to go short
  • if mkt consolidates after a downtrned, he will advise to go long

it might work as well , who knows :wink:


Yes and in that tweet the person captured 38 points on banknifty with 14960 qty which is risky if not controlled and can wipe out account on major opposite move if there is no stoploss. Points to breakeven is 3.88 with about 58027 tax.


Nowadays there is this trend of live webinar trading which is not wrong but if there are a lot of following base and people do as the master says then definitely there will be some impact on the market.

really dont think any of his followers can change the momentum of any script whihc tardes by decent volume…

200% agree with you …

there are fools who pay 5/60k to attend sharekhans online trading academy course …
one of the guy consolidated the whole course in a single sentence … identiying the support and resistance by follwing the institutional action


I don’t give a lot of weightage to Mr. Gujral’s stock recommendations on TV - most of the time the run in those stocks is already over or worse -they are about to turn. However, I respect him for publicly sharing his P&L and ledger on a regular basis.I don’t know anybody else who has come out in such a public and open manner. He is probably one of the only analyst on TV who trades & shares his trade results publicly.

Now, one can say that he only posts screenshots of the profitable days (which is true) but as any trader would know that the realty of a trader’s account is Ledger and that he has shared openly. Got to give the credit where credit is due.

Again, I am not a fan of his and neither am I endorsing him- so please don’t hate me :grin:



I also saw his ledger but that was for only very short period of time which he shares with clients of his investment co. and if you have any recent ledgers or for large period of time I would be happy to have a look at it :slight_smile:

I was talking about this.

~Neha (www.VRDNation.com)


he posted daily pft/loss for two months … one month he made 42L and other month 47L …
he is a successful trader , but it is difficult to follow him through his calls , by the time he gives his call , probably he might have covered his positons as well

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I see lots of POV around this topic. IMHO I think we need to learn the nuisances of this financial industry to quickly apply and test them and continue to do course correction.

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If this fees is less than 10% of your trading capital, this is a good opportunity for someone to meet Ashwini Gujral in person, without worrying about the money you paid to meet and talk to a person like him.

Plus 1 month of follow up webinar, is like a good deal.

The rates could only go higher or maybe you never get an opportunity again.

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May be those 2 months were his best months. :smile:

But I feel these analysts do have multiple trading accounts. And cleverly they can show the ledger of specific accounts which are profitable decently & hiding away or keeping secret the loss making ledger accounts.

Hello Neha Madam :smile:
Long time!!

I was not aware that ashwani gujral posts his ledger publicly but still I don’t trust it. He’s a big fish & its certain that he must be having multiple trading accounts with different brokerage companies. He can cleverly post his profitable ledger.

@newguy @Neha_Raghuraman @Spaceship

My 2 cents based on the screenshot he provided:
Claims to use only 50L capital, and made around 1.93 Crores. That is - he quadrupled his money! (4x) - around 2 Crores

Why would such a person conduct seminars for 50k each? To get the same 2 Crores, he will need 400 such clients who are willing to pay 50K (+GST) each. Won’t he be better off making same money in the markets rather than chasing up investors who want to train under him?


good person

With all due respect.

Psychologically ,You have already made up your mind not use this opportunity.

You just need someone else to agree with you.

(This is technically called tire-kicking)

Considering, You Tube celebrities with no experience are ripping off new traders by charging 20 -30k to teach rsi and macd, I think Mr.AG with 20 plus years of experience is doing a favor for those traders who can afford.


The training revenue is additional easy income for a weekend, which is great. Money from trading involves risk and stress. So having multiple sources of income makes sense.


I never made my mind I am still not sure about Mr Gujral’s workshops anyway only way to know is to attend it.