When will BO orders get resumed

Hi All,

When will BO orders get started… Since long many days BO is stopped due to volatility… Now the things have come to normals… Is it active?? If not from when can we expect.

With BO stop loss and target are getting filled in these volatility times.
I became a big victim of that few weeks ago.
Please take care before using it

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@Suneel1thanks for the advice… Yes we should use it with utmost care… Not having stop loss and target order is also dangerous… As I’m office going…

Does anybody have idea when would BO orders get started? @discobot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@Bhuvan Can you pls help here?

Can’t comment on the timelines. You can however use GTT orders.

Thanks @Bhuvan… But GTT orders cant be created with algo… hence not suitable

GTT stop loss and target orders are limit orders.
Is there a way one can use market stop loss.

Currently, I am using cover orders that asks for mandatory market stop loss, but I can’t fix the target.

What should I do in such scenario. I want to set the market stop loss and target as (limit order)

I am asking for option buying.

P.S.- About a week ago, Nithin had mentioned reactivating the “Trade from chart” next week. Can we expect any good news this weekend ?

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