When will the ITR filing be available on Quicko?

@Quicko When will the ITR filing be available on Quicko? Any tentative date for ITR2 and ITR3?

Hey @Jack_R,

We are working towards a newer version of our product where we will enable changes regarding filing for AY 2024-25.
In addition to updating our platform to align with the latest filing requirements, we are introducing new features designed to simplify the entire tax filing experience.

Moreover, ITD has also not released utilities for ITR 3 yet. We are expecting to go live by early May for this tax filing season.


Any update on the date? It is 20th May but it is still not available.

Any updates on this ?

Generally, it is a bad idea to fill before mid June since all these Indian companies are very slow in updating TDS and there’s a good chance you’ll miss it if you file early

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Hey @Vishal_Bhandare @Jack_R,

There is a slight delay as the ITD has released the ITR-3 utilities recently. We are incorporating the required changes and expect to go live by next week.

Thank you for being patient.

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@Quicko could you share the planned go live date?

Any news on ITR filing for AY 24-25?

Quicko seems has goofed up big time in their already good model, also if they release I am sure there will be problems as it seems they have changed massive a good working website and hence they are unable to release a working model, start filling using other ways like compu tax software or go to any good CA else you will miss the bus, as it takes time to file and if you file on time and any issues then it can be rectified as well, don’t trust quicko anymore- they are creating product and doing unnecessarily R&D when filling dates have come god knows what they were doing 10 months before if they are so thrilled to release new product- this shows their internal teams laziness, sometimes unnecessarily over engineering ruins- seems that’s what has happened with quicko


If quicko bails out , that will affect zerodha too. They are zerodha’s suggested partner!

This is why I love being a startup founder. Even your complaints complement our products and our work. We have failed to deliver product in time. I get it. You have every right to question. We are a young ambitious team and we want to deliver best user experience to our customers. Which means, sometimes we bit more than we can chew. Over last 8 months team and I have worked really hard to live up to that expectation. We are almost here. Over this weekend we will go live on web and mobile. We will enable tax filing for ITR-1 and ITR-4 and ITR-2 and ITR-3 are to follow. We are eager to hear your thoughts on our work. Appologies for delay.


Thanks for the info, @vishvajit_sonagara.
Could you kindly also provide the tentative timeline for ITR 3 go-live?

Understand that it is taking longer than you expected but as your customer we could at least expect transparency on this front given that we will have to plan the ITR filing schedule accordingly.

If you think it might take longer, it would be best to inform us so that at least we could plan alternatives. Worstv would be if there’s no transparency and then people are left hanging in the uncertainty.

Hope you’d understand and respond appropriately.

You will be able to prepare all ITRs this week. We will also be live with ITR-1 and 4 filing over the weekend. ITR-2 and 3 will be available by next weekend. Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging.


Thanks for the update. Please do drop a message in this thread once it is live. Waiting to try out Quicko for the first time!

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One thing that you can improve is your advertisement. I keep getting emails to file ITR from Quikco with a discount when you are not yet ready. Every time I get such an email I feel you are live but when I check it’s not yet live. Why send file ITR emails when the product is not yet ready??

Noted. The mails are for MEET, our online tax advisory. But I get it, it can be confusing.

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Quicko will not going to release ITR filing even in July. This I can bet. They are just making fool out of everyone. My pro membership is still active with them which will expire soon. If I use any other platform to file my ITR I have to pay fees. Quicko is also not returning my money for the pro membership. This is just too much ridiculous. Tired of listening to their copy-paste statement for next week next week It’s fine if you don’t want to launch your product. At least return our money for pro membership which you took from us as you FAILED BADLY to deliver the services.

I think it is getting very late now specially for ITR 2 and 3 people. Nowadays, a lot taxpayers are applicable for ITR 2 submission and we are already on 15th June.
What is the ETA for ITR2 submission system coming up and running?

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You could file a complaint with the consumer forum, doesn’t even require a lawyer. Also, you could use this thread along with your private conversations with the customer service team as an evidence.

I am going to screw you up if you don’t return my money back